Zimbabwe visa:

This visa can be obtained by certain nationalities at the borders and international airports. 

The cost is U$30 for most nationalities, U$55 for British and U$75 for Canadians.

Certain nationalities need to pre apply for this visa online through this link:


To check which of the above applies to your nationality you can check out the list here: https://www.evisa.gov.zw/#/VisaRegime


This visa covers both Zambia and Zimbabwe and can be obtained at Harare and Victoria Falls airports as well as the Kazangula and Victoria Falls land borders.

The cost is U$50

Nationalities that cannot obtain a visa for Zimbabwe at the border are also not eligible for this visa and need to get both visas separate.

If you are on a tour from Johannesburg or Victoria Falls travelling north then you can get this visa.

Also if you are starting a tour in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe but arriving by plane flying into Livingstone this visa will give you a saving as well.

Hong Kong, Maltese, Singaporean, South African and most other African nationals are visa free.

The Zimbabwe visa/Univisa is a full page visa