Going on an overland trip to Africa is a exciting way to travel through this extraordinary continent allowing you to see famous sights, view unique wildlife close up, and encounter authentic cultures whilst also making lifelong friends as you travel on your overland truck!

Overland travel is widely considered the safest and most cost-effective way to see the continent on a trip to Africa. Compared to the often poor standards and difficult connections encountered on public transport when covering the vast distances needed to try to get to see the game parks and sights en route, overlanding with Absolute Africa removes the hassles of making arrangements day to day so you can have the adventure of a life time on your Africa trip. You can enjoy the highlights, and the fun of travelling with a group of like minded people, knowing our experienced staff are working to ensure all runs smoothly, at the most competitive prices available. Your overland crew make bookings at secure campsites along the route and the lock-up facilities and routines on the trucks ensure all stays safe and secure. Your Absolute Africa overland truck is serviced prior to each overland safari at the workshop in Arusha, Tanzania, and is then maintained along the route by your overland driver.

Overland Travel

Overland travel works with the ethos that everyone on the overland truck mucks in together and gets involved in the day to day running of the trip. Absolute Africa attracts travellers rather than tourists and you will probably find the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of your overland trip. Part of your experience in Africa is your contribution to making your overland safari work, including the essential everyday chores of life on the road, market shopping, lighting fires, cooking and cleaning. Your overland crew usually split the group into smaller teams which are in charge of these chores on a rota basis and a great sense of camaraderie develops day to day on route. Living on the road also allows you to experience Africa at a grass-roots level day to day and so experience more of the real Africa you came to see.

Our Overland Trips

Our overland trips tend to be made up of about 15 - 26 British, Australians, New Zealanders, North Americans/Europeans and South Africans. If you are considering joining on your own, please don't worry, overlanding is highly social, with many people opting to travel solo and keen to make plenty of friends on the way.

Each overland safari is individual so do expect the unexpected. Be prepared for a challenge! How much fun you have is often dependent on your willingness to get involved. Africa is a constantly changing continent, regularly presenting new challenges so flexibility and a sense of humour are essentials to pack. The office and your overland crew are there to assist you all the way, but if we need to take a route that lands us stuck in the mud - that's Africa! Your overland safari is sure to be a great adventure...