After going on an amazing safari with Absolute Africa in 2015, I booked the Kilimanjaro trek in/for October 2020 with Absolute Africa again.

It was a wonderful experience which I can highly recommend!!
The booking process, pre-departure organization and the briefing with Samson in Moshi for my 8-day-Lemosho trek were brilliant.

I went with a team of 7 locals (5 porters, 1 cook and my guide William). The team is doing an outstanding job! They do everything to make you feel comfortable and are very warm-hearted people. Absolute Africa hires locals and says that they pay fair wages to the staff which I think is very important

Food was always veeery delicious (thanks Eduardo). William explained a lot about Kilimanjaro, the vegetation & history along the way and checked my oxygen/heart rate every day. For the summit night he gave me all the mental support I needed, so I fulfilled my dream and reached the summit and the roof of Africa.

Due to Corona, there are just very few climbers at the moment (which was good for me but very bad for the local tourist industry).

Again, I can highly recommend Absolute Africa and climbing Kilimanjaro.

Meike, Kilimanjaro climb, reviewed 6 November 2020


After going on an amazing safari with Absolute Africa in 2015, I booked the Kilimanjaro trek in/for October 2020 with Absolute Africa again.

It was a wonderful experience which I can highly recommend!!
The booking process, pre-departure organization and the briefing with Samson in Moshi for my 8-day-Lemosho trek were brilliant.

I went with a team of 7 locals (5 porters, 1 cook and my guide William). The team is doing an outstanding job! They do everything to make you feel comfortable and are very warm-hearted people. Absolute Africa hires locals and says that they pay fair wages to the staff which I think is very important

Food was always veeery delicious (thanks Eduardo). William explained a lot about Kilimanjaro, the vegetation & history along the way and checked my oxygen/heart rate every day. For the summit night he gave me all the mental support I needed, so I fulfilled my dream and reached the summit and the roof of Africa.

Due to Corona, there are just very few climbers at the moment (which was good for me but very bad for the local tourist industry).

Again, I can highly recommend Absolute Africa and climbing Kilimanjaro.

Meike, Kilimanjaro climb, reviewed 6 November 2020


My partner and I embarked on the Simba Sounds tour from the 20th of June this year.

We had an absolute fantastic trip! We have already recommended the exact trip to two different friends.

First off, the truck was great. Roomy and felt quite secure - easy travelling and the roll up windows were awesome.
Our driver was absolutely amazing! We had Stephen and I have honestly never met a more hardworking human being. One day, we arrived late due to road difficulties and arrived around 11pm. Steve was ready to go at 5am the next morning with a smile on his face. He consistently helped out with everything and made us feel so safe and welcome. I got a little tummy bug as I have a weak stomach and he made sure I had all appropriate medical supplies. He was honestly one of the best people I have ever met.

Our tour guide, Nash, was also fantastic. He made sure we knew what we were doing each day and the food was fantastic. He would always wake up before everyone and help set up breakfast. He also helped with all the cooking. My partner and I both gained a lot of insight about Africa by talking to Nash.

This is our second overlanding tour and it was, in our opinion, a hell of a lot more organised and we always felt well fed.

The stuff we saw was amazing. So many highlights and both Steve and Nash gave us an overview of each activity so we werent unprepared.

Honestly, if this is the level of professionalism that all absolute Africa tours endeavour to achieve, we will definitely be travelling with you guys again. We cannot recommend this company more highly.

Thanks so much for the experience!

All the best,

Mel & Julian


My boyfriend and I just finished the 73 day Nairobi to Cape Town with Absolute Africa. It was our very first group tour and it did not disappoint! From the get go, our driver Dave and guide Peter were amazing..and they just got better as the trip went on- always helping with dinner and answering ALL the questions we had  They were so knowledgeable about everywhere we went which was a great way to understand the culture and history of the areas!
There were so many highlights of this trip- to name a few it would have to be Masai Mara and Serengeti game drives, Gorilla trekking, Chimp trekking, Matopos Park (rhino trekking), Zanzibar, meeting local schoolchildren in Malawi, Okavango Delta, Vic Falls, Namibian Sand Dunes and star gazing and the new addition of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins was really really good too!
We had a great group dynamic with a mix of nationalities and age groups in the tour and overall we all got along really well which I think was a big contributing factor as to why we loved the trip so much! Weve both made new lifelong friends as a result 
The only thing we would change is maybe an additional day or two in Zambia if possible as we really only transited through here and didnt get to do much and less time in Antelope Park.
Overall though, we would 100% recommend Absolute Africa for both their value for money and their itinerary. The 73 day trip is long and there are some very long truck days but it was all worth it. We got to see the real side of Africa which sometimes can be hidden/skipped by tour groups. Not only do you have an amazing selection of game drives and activities, you get to meet locals, cook camp meals from scratch and learn about the history of Africa from Peter who was so knowledgeable on every country! We were devastated when the trip ended and look forward to coming back again some day  thanks so much for making our African adventure so spectacular..especially Dave and Peter 

Laura, the Absolute Safari, reviewed 23 February 2019

I just finished my seven weeks The big six -tour from Nairobi to Vic falls. Before the tour I was allready impressed of the company, since Natasha was answering so quickly and nicely to all my many questions by email.
The tour itself was amazing. In such a short period we got to see so many safaris with amazing african wildlife and many other lovely places such as Zanzibar, Lake Malawi and Vic falls. Company also offered a lot Of different kind of optional activities during the tour, so there were pretty much something to everybody. Driving days were sometimes long but that is the part of the experience and from the truck you could see different kinds of african landskapes and also the living of african people in towns, villages and basically in the middle of nowhere.
Our tour leader Emily was the nicest personality and full of energy all the time. Even we had a full truck (28 people) almost all the time and she had a lot Of work, she was always ready to help out organising things and answer to the questions. And she also did all the foodshopping even that should be done by travellers. Em was always there making breakfast and dinner and the dinnergroup then helped her with making dinner in evenings. Mugo, the sweetest Mugo  was our driver. He had to drive sometimes long days in bad roads but he was so good in driving I never needed to be scared on the road. Mugo was also always ready to help people and he was the nicest and kindest person.
This tour was a lifetime adventure and I met so many super nice people there. The only thing I actually feel bad about is that I hadn't booked the whole tour down to South Africa.

Inkeri, The Big Six, reviewed 13 November 2018

I did the Namibia Nomad your in June 2018 and had the most amazing time! Great staff, great people and memories to last a lifetime. Highly recommend!!

Jenna, Namibian Nomad, reviewed 19 July 2018

I did the 'African Sky' package, which basically loops from Nairobi through Tanzania (via the Maasai Mara), up from the Serengeti and Nngorongoro crater to Rwanda and Uganda for the finally with the gorillas.
When I joined up with them at Nairobi, I thought I was going to be with a totally new group... but they had already been together for a few days, and I learned that the group dynamic is fluid, as people have different packages and join from different Absolute buses.
Being new to the group I was welcomed and introduced but the wonderfully effervesant Emily (tour leader)... she blended me into the group straight away with verve and gusto. It was immediately obvious that she knew perfectly how to use her fun nature and exceptional organisation skills to knit together a very mixed group, into a well oiled and enjoyable social dynamic.
The trips and safaris we embarked on were obviously the result of years of fine tuning... I thought looking at my itinerary that it might feel rushed... but that wasn't the case. Sure, sometimes the early morning calls can be a little hard, especially after campfire beers... but, with extra padding sleep can be caught up on the bus.
I was also concerned about the food situation before I went... but the campfire food cooked by first Emily and later Peter (I swapped buses in Tanzania... as my original group headed South and I North West). Both Emily and Peter knocked the food out the park with gastronomic home runs... it was actually amongst the best (and most) food I ate during my 8 weeks total in Africa.
Peter (like Emily) was a blooming legend, he provided excellent local knowledge everywhere we went. We did have some challenging members of our group that liked to ask the same questions repeatedly, which to any normal human would be draining... but their relentless patience and humour ensured that even the most draining of group members were not draining for the rest of the group.

I can't recommend this tour enough... I had the above concerns originally about the group etc. You also have to accept the way African infrastructure is, and keep an open mind... but this tour does their up-most to ensure you have a wonderful and safe experience in all aspects. There is no way I would have been able to do all the things I did for anything like the total price I paid anywhere else. Most important tip... like everyone says; YOU HAVE TO DO THE GORILLAS, it was a breathtaking once in a lifetime opportunity that I'll never forget.

Book it.

Benjamin, African Sky, reviewed 29 March 2018

Myself and my husband recently finished the 18 day Kenya/ Tanzania Safari and had a blast!! We seen the big 5 on multiple occasions and got so close we could almost touch the animals (not literally but it felt that way). Shout out to our tour leader Emily who was full of energy 100% of the time (even when we were not). She made sure all our needs were catered too and cooked some pretty amazing meals for us. Second shout out to our driver Rob whom was an amazing driver and also socialite in the night. We definitely look to return in the future to finish off the southern end through Vic Falls and South Africa.

Nikki, Kenya & Tanzania, reviewed 10 January 2018

Went on the Nairobi to Kigali trip over Christmas and had the most amazing time. Our Tour leader, Joe was fantastic, he was friendly, chatty and always happy to help when needed. He was great at what he did and did an amazing job of always ensuring breakfast was ready to go in the mornings. Our driver Mogu was just as fantastic, he had amazing driving skills and was also always happy to sit and chat and help out when needed. The actual tour was more than I could have wished for. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again to Absolute!!!

Melissa, The Gorilla Trek, reviewed 8 January 2018

It may sound reductive and cliched, but it's absolutely true: All of my expectations were blown away. Our tour director (Chris) and driver (Rob) were absolutely wonderful: Super helpful, informative, friendly, and just plain awesome. The tour itself (Wildlife Encounter - Reverse) was dynamic, fun, and always entertaining. We got to see everything we hoped to see and more, and learned a tremendous amount along the way. I run student international trips at my school and I'm already plotting ways to hire Chris, Rob, and the rest of the Absolute Africa team to coordinate an upcoming trip. Such an overall phenomenal experience!

Josh, Reverse Wildlife Encounter, reviewed 4 September 2017

I did the wildlife and spice island tour. I hade a wonderful experience with the group and our awesome guide Nash. We saw the Big Five within the first 2 weeks and my time with the gorillas was amazing!!!
I had such a great time I wish I could have stayed longer and continued down with everyone else.
I definitely recommend people going on this tour.

We had a very diverse group group consistent of 9 different nationalities from 16-69 years of age. And everyone had a great time. There were optionals that suited everyone depending on what you like.

The food the we cooked with some help from Nash was amazing. We ate so much and sometimes when there were left overs we used that for lunch.

I plan to come back and continuing down with absolute in a few years! 

Lina, Wildlife & Spice Island, reviewed 1 August 2017

I just completed the Simba Sounds tour which started on the 20th June.

This was my second trip to Africa, first time travelling with Absolute Africa. I travelled two years ago with Acacia, but chose to go with absolute this time due to the itinerary. I am so glad I chose to travel with Absolute. I had a great time.

Nash and Steve were great at their jobs, both extremely professional.
Steve drove extremely safe, stayed on the marked roads when in game parks, was always on time and seemed to keep the truck well maintained.

Nash was amazing!! I have been on multiple tours in the past and Nash was the best tour leader I have had by far. He was extremely organised, clear when explaining the days activities, helpful and all round great at his job.

I also wanted to say how good the office was at providing clear and prompt communication prior to the tour.

Thanks for making our Africa experience so memorable and enjoyable.

Aimee, Simba Sounds, reviewed 22 July 2017

If I could give this trip more stars I would!


After a few days of leisure in Nairobi I joined the 73 day Absolute Safari on Feb 14th 2016 this trip was followed by 10 day Garden Route add-on and Kruger add-on. Quite literally the most awesome adventure I have ever been on..every single thing I read about before leaving for the trip was even more amazing in real life. I was lucky enough to have travelled with the most amazing human beings I have ever met. It was the perfect group, including our guides and drivers Kanyo, Joe, Patrick and Mugo who were all great and went well above and beyond during our time spent with them, they are a truly special team. I am sure I will travel with them again at some point in the future and cannot thank them enough for such an amazing experience. Thanks to Jen and Natasja for answering my never ending list of questions. If you are thinking about taking this trip then do not hesitate, it will change your life. I could list all the ins and outs of what we saw and experienced but it would just not do it justice, all I can say is visit their website- get inspired and just do it! I have made friends for life from all over the world as well as locals in Africa..this is not an experience to be missed, these memories will stay with me forever :) Asante Sana

Steve, Absolute safari & Garden Route, reviewed 6 September 2016

Absolutely awesome! I can't believe how great of an experience we received on such a bargain price. The tour was awesome, with a friendly, knowledgeable guide. It felt more like touring Africa with a group of friends than it did a "tour group". Absolute Africa is the way to do Africa, you won't regret this decision, adventure, fun, and very cost effective!

Tony, Kilimanjaro & Rainforest& Reefs tour, reviewed 5 July 2016

I did Killi first; superb - organised like a dream then moved on to Nairobi to start the trek to Cape Town; 72 days of pure, unadulterated bliss. We had a full bus (not a truck!!! haha) most of the way and although the dynamics changed a little Vee kept it all together with a very laid back hands on approach. After every 'special' day we all commented that was the best day ever - think we got to 22 best days ever - superb. Patrick and BJ the drivers where serious contenders for best supporting act. I've already got some people who want to do it; might do part again myself as need to see the crater lake in DRC - before or after. Superb value for money, great team work, hassle free - I haven't really come down yet and that's over a month ago. Book it and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Greg, Kilimanjaro & Absolute safari, reviewed 5 January 2016

Iv done a 7 day safari in Kenya with absolute...our chef Joseph our driver Angelo and our tour guide Peter were absolutely amazing...could not have been more helpful and made our Christmas one to remember....I will 100% be back again thanks guys

Kevin, Week in Kenya, reviewed 28 December 2015

I've met Absolute Africa team at Adventure Travel Show at London Olympia in January this year. I was on a mission to find the best, most experienced and affordable company which specialises in Kilimanjaro treks and trips to Zanzibar. Absolute Africa ticked all the boxes! I've had the most amazing adventure in August and it's thanks to the great communication, advice, organisation and people who were either on the other side of the phone/ email or meeting me personally at the airports in Nairobi and Zanzibar, taking me to all my destinations and guiding/ looking after me on a way to Kilimanjaro. I enjoyed all the accommodation in Nairobi and Zanzibar and local trips. Travelling on my own, I relied on their advice and recommendation. Safety and comfort were my priority and thanks to thorough preparations and detailed itinerary, I felt I'm ready for the trip of a lifetime.
I'm already planning my next year's trip with Absolute and would recommend their services to anyone.

Edyta, Kilimanjaro trek & Zanzibar, reviewed 21 September 2015

The 2 months we spent on the road with Absolute Africa was definitely the highlight of our 7 month trip around the world. They are highly professional and offer perhaps the best value tours of any overland truck operators in Africa. We had a spectacular, once in a lifetime trip fom Cape Town to Nairobi and would unconditionally recommend them to anyone looking for an adventure through Africa!

Jesse, Northern Trails, reviewed 17th January 2015

I'd never travelled on my own before and I'd never done an overland trip, so started small - the Garden route. I was so nervous, I very nearly backed out of the trip. I'd read so many reviews, some mixed reviews trying to prepare myself and it was slightly overwhelming. All I can say is it was incredible, I didn't want to leave. My tour leader Aly was fab; a great cook, funny, knowledgeable, encouraging and made me feel safe and settled. Dave our driver got us from A to B and kept everything running smoothly. The scenery and experiences were amazing, I was with a lovely group of people, stayed in some lovely places and laughed so so much. To anyone who is unsure ... I would say just do it, you won't regret it, you'll regret not doing it. I'm already planning my next trip a longer trip :) Thank you Absolute for such a special experience.

Jess, The Garden Route, reviewed 8th October 2014

Wildlife and Spice Island

This was my first overlanding camping experience and I was particularly nervous. However, our guide was absolutely fantastic from the word go and set about giving us a tutorial on how to put up our tent which was surprisingly easy! The route was fantastic and all of the National Park fees were included in the cost of what was paid in advance. This worked really well as it meant extra activities could be added on but never felt mandatory. Our guide was also fantastic at suggesting which activities might be better to do elsewhere on the tour than others. Our driver was also great making the long driving days as comfortable and quick as possible. The things I experienced on this tour were truly 'once in a lifetime' and I cannot recommend it enough!!

Reviewed 4th September 2014

Gorillas and Gameparks

Fantastic trip! Love this company.. Would recommend again!

Reviewed 3rd September 2014

The Absolute Safari

Great mix of people - multi generation and international spread. Much choice as to the activities that you could get involved in with an great balance between wildlife, culture and adrenaline. And topped off with relaxation times in Zanzibar, Malawi Lake, Lake Kariba and the Okavango Delta. Leadership by first Kanyo and then Aly we fabulous - informative, fun and enough to keep our interest piqued.

On one hand because we covered such diverse lands and had a huge range of activities time flashed past and on the other after 73 days on our big yellow truck the lifestyle seemed totally normal. A great way to get an introduction to 10 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

5 stars for everything

Reviewed 23 August 2014


Gorilla and Game Parks

You wont regret if you chose Absolute Africa for the adventure of your life.

Reviewed 22 August 2014

Climb Kilimanjaro 7 Day Machame Route

Having lead over 50 expeditions to 20 countries including the Arctic and Antarctica I know what a demanding yet rewarding guiding work is. This July myself and 14 clients did the 7 day Machame Route on Kilimanjaro with Absolute Africa - Chief Guide Samsom Lauwo did an AMAZING job along with this fabulous support crew. We all made it to the summit 12 women and 3 men at staggered timings to take into account walking speed ! Great food, great camp set up , great support , always had our best interests at heart and we sang and danced to some of the best Kili songs ! Thank you Samson for a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE !

Jules Lewis, Mountain High, 18 August 2014

Dear Absolute,

I just finished my classic safari, starting 6 Feb in Nairobi and ending 5 April in Cape Town. I have filled in the feedback form, yet I would like to give some additional feedback on your staff.

Your guides have been absolutely fantastic and ensured we experienced Africa with great joy and without any difficulties. Wyclef, Patrick and John guided the first leg of the trip. All went out of their way to support us and were great company to be with. They were very knowledgeable of the region, professional, client oriented and worked round the clock to ensure we were content. They were always in a good mood even after long days on the road.

Patrick is a very responsible driver and I felt safe in his hands. John is an excellent cook and spoilt us with delicious local dishes made from little. Wyclef made sure we stayed at the best camping sites, provided clear and concise information on the trip and optional activities and was agile to resolve unforeseen circumstances.

The second part of the trip was guided by Violet and JB. They formed a smooth team and operated with a great sense of humour. Without them I am sure the trip would have been less successful. JB is a true truck whisperer and was constantly fixing, greasing and smoothing his truck. Without his care and mechanical skills Im sure the truck would have stranded due to suffering from the hard and dusty roads. He is an excellent driver and took our safety very serious. He is a hard and loyal worker and was always ready to help Violet or the group with anything.

Violet was a superstar as well. She is very knowledgeable about the countries we visited and often had us hanging on her lips when she told her stories about Africa. She worked very hard, was always available with a big smile and made sure we were short of nothing. She is a natural leader and with charm and wit she managed to keep the group of 28 people happy and well. She has excellent diplomatic skills and got us past many difficult road and border controls.

I met several other tour companies on the road doing similar trips. I wasnt impressed with some of their tour leaders. I realised that it makes little difference which company you book as most offer a similar overland experience. Yet I do know that the quality of the tour leaders make all the difference. I am convinced that without Wyclef, John, Patrick, JB and Violet the Absolute Africa tour would have been just another tour. I am lucky to have travelled with your guides and am impressed with their professionalism, dedication and excellent skills. I hope you value these outstanding staff members that work on your behalf.

Unfortunately I dont have each email address, I would be very grateful if you could forward my email to all five so they are aware of my deep appreciation.

Kind regards,
Jonna Jeurlink

Classic safari 6 February - 5 April 2014

Climb Kilimanjaro 7 Day Machame Route 26th July 2014

Samson and his team of guides and porters were incredible. There service levels were way beyond our expectations. They went out of their way to get us up that mountain. Food, accommodation, knowledge, friendliness, singing, dancing - everything they did was great. An unforgettable and amazing journey!

Mountain High group, August 2014


Hi Absolute Africa,

I just wanted to send a quick email to say a massive thank you. I went on the Wildlife and Spice Island tour in Feb and I had an absolutely amazing time. When is came to booking the trip and organising my flights, everyone in the London office was so helpful and answered every query that I had - which happened to be lots as I was first time traveller! Everybody I spoke to was so friendly and relaxed which calmed my nerves and made me know I was booking with the right people!

Out in Africa, we were well looked after by our driver and tour leader. They were fantastic and took such excellent care of us. They are a complete asset to Absolute Africa :)

The trip itself was fantastic and nothing can beat the experiences we had, so another huge thank you. Start to finish it was excellent.

A huge and very sincere thanks,


March 2013

I did the Absolute Safari + Garden Route with you guys last September. I absolutely loved every bit of the trip. The whole experience of driving around Africa on an overland truck seeing and meeting all the animals and people was incredible.

I rave about Absolute to anyone who will listen and have already talked a few of my friends into booking with you guys.

The crew were on the road and your team back in london were all so helpful and have such great knowledge.
I just cant wait to go again!

Beth Dec 2012

I wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful time I had with Absolute Africa in Kilimanjaro. I could not have wished for a better climb and crew. Your team in Africa are amazing.

All preparations were fantastic and I am blown away by the food on the climb. I saw what other climbers had and felt a little sorry for them at times.

I can't rave about Absolute Africa enough and will be recommending you to anyone I talk to, I learnt so much about myself it was a truly the best experience ever!

Hey Guys,
I have just arrived back from Africa and I went on the Gorillas and Game Parks plus the 6 day Marangu Kilimanjaro climb.

I was very happy with the entire Gorillas and Game park tour. Our leader Anna and driver Dixon were very organised and approachable and I thought the tour was well thought out and went to all the wonderful places on the west side of Lake Victoria that you would want to go. The gorillas had to be the best bit of it and are something that everyone should do in their life.

The Absolute team (Jordan in particular) had organised accommodation and transport for me in between my two tours and it was all booked and easy enough for me to get from A to B.

My Kili climb was excellent. Samson was there to meet me at the Bristol Cottages (fantastic accom by the way) and he went through my predeparture stuff which was all very clear and let me know exactly what I would need and what I wouldnt. Then the next morning Samson was there again to pick me up and we headed up to the Marangu gate. From here I met my wonderful guide Leonard and my proters Amos, Frank and Walter. They were all friendly and did a great job.

My entire climb I felt well looked after and had everything done for me that I cold think of. (Be prepared to eat alot of food while you are on the mountain, there were times when I was totally full and still made to eat more food to stock up for the summit).

So all in all I was extremely happy with every part of my Absolute Africa experience. I would totally recommend them for a low cost overland tour of Africa and as an exceptionally good tour company for all your Kili needs.

May 2012

Hello Clare!!

We just came back home from the Gorilla Trek. It was a wonderful Safari and a great experience. We were all very surprised at the quality of the food served during the voyage. My parents, who previously traveled with xxx, said that there is no comparison in the quality of the food between this and their previous experience.

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend Alyson, our guide, for her great work. This woman was something else. She was knowledgeable, very well organized, and very efficient at getting things done. We have never seen her without a smile on her face, even after a very long day. She treated everyone equally and devoted her time to the needs of each and every one of the travelers under her wing. She was very capable of spending time to get to know each and every one of us, even my parents, people twice her age and with whom she had very little in common. She gave them the attention they deserved even though they had never asked for it. Without Aly this safari would not have been the same.

There is no doubt in our minds Alyson is a wonderful asset to your company and we hope we get to travel with her again when we continue this trek where we left it off, hopefully in a couple of years.

Thank you again.

Maciej and Julian
October 2011


I would just like to say what an incredible time I had on the Simba Sounds trip which departed on the 18th Sept.

The main reason for the success of the trip was our driver Isaac! He is brilliant. He took great care to drive safely which on some of those roads is a daunting challenge. I always felt relaxed in the truck (I was a driver myself many years ago) knowing Isaac knew the roads and warned us when we had a challenging day ahead (like the road into the Masai Mara and also descending the rim of Ngorogoro Crater on the transfer day to Arusha).

He maintained the truck on our long stopovers (like Jinja) and I regularly saw him underneath the truck with his tools just making sure everything was ok.

He regularly helped cook meals after a long day of driving which he did under no obligation but did so happily.

Yours Sincerely
September 2011

Hi Jenny And David,

Barrie and I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for all your help and organising on our trip. We don't know what we would have done without your help. We had a fantastic climb up Kilimanjaro and we loved the Sunset Bunglalows in Kendwa.

Thanks again!!

Michelle & Barrie
February 2010

Hello guys,
I am just writing this e mail, to say thanks to Absolute africa as i am back form my Namibia Nomad tour. I found all the information great and excellent value for money.

I would also like to let you guys know that me and my girlfriend were very happy with our driver and guide and truck- Moses, Dave and Wiley the truck. They were very friendly thought out and Dave carefull driving was much appreciated as he seemed to know were the bumps were on the road before they happened and allowed for a smooth (as possible) ride. Moses was also good organised without being pushy and encouraged the group thoughout as well as getting stuck into cooking,cleaning and keeping an eye on locking up and supplies and budget etc. It was very good to have an african guides during the trip as i felt his knowledge of culture,people,animals (friedndly and not so friendly) and security was very reassuring which i would prob not have had form a non african.

I hope you pass this feedback onto them as i had a really great time and was down to these guys being friendly and fun throghtout the trip.

In the future i will love to go on another trip
September 2010

I just wanted to send a short email about the trip I just finished. I booked this trip over a year in advance and was very impressed with the communication and efforts of the London staff to keep me up to date with all relevant information. I joined Shaggy with Elton, Issac, and Goodluck and had an absolutely brilliant time getting into the overlanding swing of things. I thought they all three did a great job and Elton was a blast to be around and proved to be an exceptional guide, continually regaling us with tales from the road and giving us lots of facts and insight into the animals we were seeing. Goodluck was only with us for 10 days or so but he was a wonderful cook and a very nice guy on top. Issac was also a great guy and took great pains to get us to our destinations on time and in the safest manner possible.

I transferred to Eeyore with George and Kanyo after Zanzibar and continued to be impressed........

George was also great and I can say with no hesitation that I was duly impressed by the careful and consistently good job both him and Issac did throughout the trip.

In all, the trip met all my expectations in terms of how life on the truck would be and the various trip highlights greatly exceeded my initial expectations. The food and meals throughout were absolutely wonderful (i actually gained a kg!); the truck, tents, and other equipment all functioned very well, and the mats (an added bonus!) were a wonderful surprise. I was really impressed with the cleaning and sanitation 'rituals' to ensure that we kept as healthy as possible as well.

I spend a lot of time posting travel journals and browsing travel forums on various websites discussing traveling through various parts of the world and was actually involved in a few discussions about companies and overlanding through Africa. I will certainly recommend Absolute to anyone interested in traveling through Africa and would like to thank everyone involved in the trip for an absolutely wonderful time. This has proved to be an incredible experience and a great value and I will gladly suggest doing a trip with Absolute.

Thank you,
August 2010

I have just got back from my trip and i wanted to say a big thanks to Absolute Africa! I had an amazing time as did everyone else on my trip. I met some amazing people and did some amazing yet scary things all of which wouldnt have been possible without Absolute! I want to also to say another thank you to George and Tito our driver and guide, they were both amazing and so much fun. our trip wouldnt have been the same with out them!
Thank you so much
I will definatly be using Absolute again in the near future for my next african trip
Southern Safari. 5 May 2010

Hi There,

We have just returned from the most amazing time in Africa! Thank you so much Absolute Africa for making this the trip of a lifetime for us! We now have the task of sorting through the many thousand photos that we took! I was wondering if you were able to email me the itineraries from the 2 legs of our trip at all??? We departed on the 13th Feb on the absolute safari. Someone pinched the itineraries off the truck both times before we got a chance to copy it to keep! If you could email me them I would be forever in your debt!

Cheers! Shastee and Leon, May 2010

Hi There,

I did a tour in the latter half of last year and I just wanted thank you for everything.

I had an amazing time and the tour leader, Moses, and bus driver, Moogs, were excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending this trip to anyone - which I have done recently. The information passed on to me was great and I am glad that I was able to experience this trip.

I just wanted to say thank you as I know people are quick to criticise but and slow to compliment.

Many Thanks,

Nathan, May 2010


i've been meaning to write this message for some time but have finally got the opportunity to tell you that my girlfriend and i had a wonderful time on our safari with your company.

we went on the Southern Safari in july last year and had an amazing time, i haven't got the space here to list all the highlights but really just wanted to say a big thank you to our crew Lina and Peter who made our trip extra special.

we're back in Australia now and still dreaming about Africa,who knows we may even get back there one day? thanks again for giving us an experience that will stay with us forever,

Paul & Emelie. March 2010

Dear Clare and co,

We have just returned from our trip to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya where we had a wonderful time trekking to see the Gorillas and spotting a Leopard (yay!) up a tree in the Masai Mara.

My husband and I met on an Absolute Africa safari in 1998 (Nairobi to Jo'burg) and were keen to return and see if we still had it in us to travel on a truck and camp for a couple of weeks. The trucks are great and a bit more of a luxury than they were 11 years ago, and we found ourselves getting right back into the swing of things. We travelled on Wylie, with Kanyo and David as our guide and driver and they were absolutely fantastic. Both were incredibly friendly and approachable, Kanyo gave daily updates of what the following day would cover (and is a wealth of knowledge on areas and animals), and David is a safe and reliable driver who always wears a smile on his face. Our thanks to them both for making the trip such a pleasure, they are a great team.

I would like to also thank you Clare for all your help leading up to our departure, you gave us regular updates and all the information we could possibly need. I also heard from other travellers on the truck that they had been extremely happy with your help!

We have already discussed our next trip to Africa and hope we cross paths with Absolute again!

Thanks again to the whole team,

Shar & Marc
September 2009

Dear Absolute Africa,

I have just got back to England after an amazing trip to East and Southern Africa. I did the absolute safari departing 18th May and finishing 29th July. It was awesome!! Some of the places we went to and things we did and saw were out of this world.

We had Kanyo and Dave as our leader and driver respectively. Both were absolute legends and i would very much like to keep in touch with them. They did offer their emails to us when we were out on our last group night in Cape Town. But......

Kind regards
August 09

Hi, I went on the Absolute Safari, starting on the 4th Nov. I feel that I should let you know how superb Moses and David were. They totally surpassed all my expectations of a tour leader and driver and I can't explain how much they made me enjoy the trip. In addition to being two of the nicest blokes I've ever met, they are extremely professional and made the trip run so smoothly. Every single person on the truck felt the same. You should do everything you can to keep them in your company!


December 2008

Dear Absolute,

I have just returned from one of your overland trips (the absolute safari departing on the 24th aug) and i just wanted to write to you to commend the crew - David and Moses.

David was an excellent driver who went out of his way to maintain the truck to the highest standards and always drove with great care and incredible skill on the bumbiest roads in africa! he was also great at getting the truck into brilliant positions for game viewing on the game drives. He was really responsible and always went to bed early if he was driving the next day.

Similarly the tour leader Moses was fantastic - he was totally dependable and realiable in an emergancy - for example taking clients to hospital and always went out of his way to organise requests from clients. He was great fun and very entertaining - he totally made the trip! his local knowledge was incredible and he had a wealth of local contacts which ment that we got to see a bit more of the country and got to meet more local people.

Having an african crew made a huge difference to the trip - they both spoke native languages, had more respect from local people, understood the cultures in more detail and could speak from personal experience. I met several other overland trucks that had non african crew and speaking to them found that their experiences were not as in depth as ours. I think that its important that a big company like yourselves put something back into the communities you visit, and employing local people is an excellent way to do this and would certainly be a deciding factor in how i recommended friends to the trip.

Anyway, many thanks again and please extend my thanks to the crew,

Yours sincerly

Anna, November 2008

Dear Claire,Sophie and the team at Absolute Africa,

I just wanted to write to thank you land let you know how fantastic the "Wildlife Journey" through Africa was. I departed with Kanyo and Pete on the 31st of July from Enteebe and arrived into Capetown on October 8th.

This will be a trip i will remember for a life time. The initial organisation by the London Office staff was outstanding. At all times I found you very helpful and importantly the trip was great value for money after discussing with other travellers what they got for the same or much more money.

The driving by Peter was outstanding with the pride he showed in the truck and what he did day to day was often forgotten as he is the unsung hero of these trips as driving in Africa is very challenging.

Kanyo's leadership of the tour was very good.

I was advised by friends to travel with Absolute Africa and through them and your service and pricing structure I would continue to reccommended your company to any other travellers going to Africa.

Kind regards and all the best,

Sam, October 2008

Dear Sophie,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support for my trip, it was amazing!!!

Africa is such an amazing place every time I go I want to go straight back, be warned I am pondering the gorilla safari next year if you will take me again.

All the crew were amazing and made the trip for me this year and dont even get me started on the lion walk!

Thank you again and will no doubt be in touch for my next trip ;-)

Have a great weekend.

October 2008

Hi Guys! 'Just' got back from Africa after doing the Absolute Safari finishing in Cape Town on 1 Sep. I had an AMAZING time and Tito, Pete, Heath and VJ were all brilliant - couldn't have asked for more from them!

Andy, October 2008

Hello, I recently got back from the wildlife journey from Entebbe to Capetown. It began on 2nd April and ended on the 6th June. I would just like to give a little feedback. Firstly i would like to say well done on running such an excellent programme, it was the best time of my life. It was organised extremely well and i would struggle to make an negative points. I would especially like to say how much i appreciated our driver and guide which was Isaac (driving) ad Wycliffe (guide). They are two of the most kind, polite helpful and most genuine gentlemen i have ever come accross. Isaac is an unbelievable driver who was a favourite with everyone on the truck. His manners, stories and driving ability made it a treat to be on the trip. I cannot rate Wycliffe any higher than is possible too. From day one he was very welcoming and friendly. He always had a smile on his face and was very helpful. I feel it is important to inform you on how great they were and hopefully they are told of how much they were appreciated.

The route was also perfect. It involved all of the major activities possible. I was able to do all of the adrenaline activites as well as cultural visits that i had hoped to do .

The truck was above my expectations too. I thought they were far better than .........

I feel lucky to have met such a nice group of people on the truck. I had such a good laugh with them and couldnt have asked for a better bunch of people.

I would jusy like to say that i would give Absolute Africa 10/10. I have recomended the company to all my friends. I intend to go to Africa again and if i choose an overland truck company it will be Absolute Africa. It is just a shame that absolute Africa do not do any trips from e.g. Egypt to Nairobi, visiting Ethiopia etc in the process because that is a route myself and another traveller had spoke about as our possible next trip.

Liam August 2008

Just wanted to say thank you so much for one of the best experiences of my life! Had such an amazing time and sulked for about a week after i got home cos i wanted to go back. All the staff at the office were really helpful with my 101 stupid questions before we left and the crew were awesome. Would recommend it to anyone/everyone. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Catherine, 24 Oct 2007