Jinja to Zanzibar Overland Tours

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+ Local Payment US$550
(local payment explained)

What's Included
• The Serengeti
• Queen Elizabeth National Park
• Kazinga Channel game cruise
• Ngorongoro Crater
• Bujagali
• Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
• The Grumeti Game Reserve
• Lake Victoria
• Kigali - Genocide Memorial
• Breakfast & dinner whilst with truck
• Some pre-prepared barbecues
• Camping whilst with the truck
• Fully equipped expedition truck incl - fridge, gas, tents, sleep mats
• Services of Absolute Crew
• Ongoing advice
• All road tolls & taxes are paid
Why not have a Taste of Africa from Jinja to Dar es Salaam Safari
Countries Visited

Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania

Jinja to Zanzibar Safari Overview

Safari across the plains of the Serengeti and into the ancient caldera, Ngorongoro Crater. Trek the endangered mountain gorillas on the slopes of the Virunga. White water raft on the rapids of the White Nile, camp out in the wilds of Queen Elizabeth National Park and help out in a local school, finishing on the barefoot paradise of Zanzibar Island for a perfect taste of Africa.

Jinja to Zanzibar Safari Add-ons


Days 1 - 3

Jinja, departure meeting by the While Nile.

Optionals: Whitewater rafting, bungee jump, kayaking, boat trips and cruises, incl. fishing trips, sups, visit a local school, quad biking, horse riding, mountain biking.

Days 4 - 7

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Kampala, craft markets, Queen Elizabeth National Park including a game cruise on Kazinga Channel and game drives.

Optional: Rhino trek, boat trip at Ziwa, Chimpanzee trekking in a Ugandan forest.

Days 8 - 13

Kabale, Kisoro and the Virungas, Kigali.

Optionals: Mountain gorilla trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda), golden monkey trek, orphanage and preschool visit, Batwa (Pygmy) village visit or coffee tour. Lake Mutande. Visit to Dian Fossey's grave, Banana beer making, Basket weaving, Genocide museum and memorial. 

Days 14 - 16

Mwanza, Bunda.

Optional: Hill walk.

Days 17 - 19

Afternoon and morning game drives in the Serengeti, Morning game drives in Ngorongoro Crater, evening celebratory barbecue on our arrival in Arusha.

Optionals: Balloon safari, visit to a Maasai village.

Days 20 - 22

Marangu, Kilimanjaro, seafood meal at our camp by the Indian Ocean, preparations for the stay on Zanzibar Island.

Optionals: Kilimanjaro day hike, Marangu day tour

Days 23 - 26

Free time for four nights on Zanzibar Island....

Optional beach break: Free time to stay on Zanzibar Island from day 23. You can fly out from Zanzibar or take the ferry back to Dar es Salaam the day after the trip ends.

Talk with us as to the special arrangements we can make for your accommodation and other arrangements on the Island staying in beach cottages and in the exotic capital, historic Stone Town, with a spice tour.

Other options to budget for include snorkelling and scuba diving on Zanzibar's untouched coral reefs, a visit to Prison Island famous for its giant tortoise population and to Jozani Forest to see the red colobus monkeys.

All accommodation and transfers including spice tours on Zanzibar Island can be arranged ahead of time.

Please note safari itineraries are given as a guide only. A safari is a journey and true journeys in Africa unfold and are of an adventurous nature. The unexpected can arise, so do allow for this.

Feel free to give us a call about your safari plans. We look forward to your further enquiries.

Taste of Africa - detailed itinerary

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Budgeting Summary

Jinja to Zanzibar Budget

The costs to consider when travelling overland are:

What's included

Your safari price and local payment covers:

Transport in a fully equipped and dieseled expedition truck/vehicle including all camping and cooking gear, a fridge, gas cooker, tents, sleeping mats etc.

Services of a driver and safari leader.

The ongoing advice and back up from The Absolute Team.

All road tolls and taxes are paid.

Over three core game parks and other highlights including:

* Serengeti National Park
* Queen Elizabeth National Park including a game cruise on the Kazinga Channel
* Ngorongoro Crater
* Bujagali
* The Grumeti Game Reserve
* Lake Victoria
* Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
* Kigali - Genocide Memorial


- 19 nights camping and 3 nights dorm accommodation in a lodge or similar
- 20 breakfasts and 19 dinners including some local meals & pre-prepared barbecues.

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Optional excursions

A recommended typical budget for your optional excursions that you might pay for once in Africa would be: US$220 - US$500

Some clients spend more, some less. The above is a typical estimate selecting from the following main choices during this tour. Do re-check your budget looking at what might tempt you. A friendly reminder as well that the below list provides an approximate guide only for the most popular excursions currently available for this tour. Excursions are operated by local operators and authorities and their pricing is out of our control (July 19)

Mountain gorilla trekking permit, (not including transfers), from £650 to £680
Zanzibar including ferry to Zanzibar island, 4 nights B&B shared accommodation, transfers from Stone Town to the beach and return, and a Spice Tour £295
One way ferry £35
White water rafting The White Nile US$140
Sunset cruise, The White Nile US$45
Quad biking, Jinja (1 hour) US$49
Half day Kayaking US$95
Horse riding, Jinja US$40
Bungee jump, The Nile High US$95
Ziwa Rhino Trek US$30
Kalinzu Forest guided chimpanzee trek, from US$50
Visit to a local orphanage (Donation only) £0
Lake Mutande incl. canoeing US$10
Batwa trail, from US$100
Golden Monkeys trek (not including transfers) US$90
Trek to Dian Fossey's grave (not including transfers) US$80
Genocide Memorial audio guide ( entry is free of charge) US$15
Base hike Kilimanjaro US$125
Scuba diving (single dive) off Kendwa US$65
Snorkelling (3 hours) off Kendwa US$15
Jozani Forest, half day excursion to see the red colobus monkeys incl entry and transfers, from US$40
Sunset cruise, Zanzibar, from US$30
Prison Island with the aldabra tortoises US$25
Balloon safari in the Serengeti £455
Scuba diving Padi Course, from US$499
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Spending Money

You will need spending money to cover drinks, lunch, souvenirs and some small incidental costs whilst on tour such as cheap excursions costing under U$20. Other costs to note are for those times where meals and/or accommodation are not covered, as well as money for tips, extra transfers and accommodation upgrades.

Be aware during the trip there are times we dont cover meals and/or accommodation when some of the group are away from camp doing their own thing on excursions, and it becomes impractical to cover. In general in regard to meals when the truck parks up for a few days at specific activity locations, do budget to cover your meals for these days. For the Taste of Africa you should budget to cover for the days we are in Jinja, as well as for the overnight excursions listed below including meals whilst on Zanzibar Island. The overnight excursions on this tour are: the Zanzibar Island break (x4 nights)

Note for some excursions extra transport occasionally is needed to get to the start point of the excursion too eg to the gorillas, and so do have some aside for these times.

Tipping is customary in Africa, so budget for gratuities if you wish for guides or drivers who provide good service such as for the gorilla trek, for the guide who takes you down into Ngorongoro. And again whilst tips are at your discretion, your tour leader and driver also appreciate a tip to acknowledge their hard work during your tour.

And lastly remember some campsites en route have simple huts or chalets on site. If you think you might like a break from camping and youd like to upgrade to have a bed at some point during the trip, it is well worth having money for this so again budget accordingly.

The recommended typical spending money for The Taste of Africa to cover the above is: US$545-US$650

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Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6-9 months after your trip finishes. Ensure as well you have adequate pages in your passport for each country you visit. As a guide then, for the Taste of Africa safari you will want to have a minimum of 4 blank pages (sides).

If you have dual nationality you can only use one passport for the entire trip, whilst bringing both is wise as a back up. More information can be found in the different country listings on the FCOs website under entry requirements. Do be aware it can be illegal to travel in Africa on two passports.

For this tour visas for most passport holders, including British, Australian, New Zealand, Irish, South African, German, French, Dutch, Canadian and American passport holders, can be arranged in Africa en route.

Below is an estimation of current visa requirements and their costs. If your passport is not detailed please dont hesitate to contact us for further details of your requirements.

Be aware that visa requirements can change without prior notice. This information is given as a guide only.

Budget for all visas US$100 - US$200 depending on nationality
VISA CHART Kenya Rwanda Uganda Tanzania Malawi Zambia Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia South Africa
Australian - - $50 $50 - - - - - -
New Zealand - - $50 $50 - - - - - -
South Africa - - $100 - - - - - - -
Canadian - - $50 $50 - - - - - -
American - - $100 $100 - - - - - -
British - - $50 $50 - - - - - -
German - - $100 $50 - - - - - -
Dutch - - $100 $50 - - - - - -
Irish - - $100 $100 - - - - - -
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Other exciting ADD-ONs

  • Ballooning in the Serengeti
  • Climb Kilimanjaro

    We recommend

  • Pre and post safari please click here.

    Remember you then need to budget for flights, insurance, vaccination costs and any equipment you might need such as a sleeping bag.

    Any queries? Call our office on +44 (0) 208 742 0226, email us at absaf@absoluteafrica.com or skype us on skypeabsoluteafrica

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    Christmas in Kigali and New years upon coming from the Tanzanian parks
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    Before You Go

    Jinja to Zanzibar

    Click on the link below to download the predeparture dossier for this overland trip "Taste of Africa" - to Zanzibar.

    Taste of Africa - pre departure pack

    This information has been developed over 30 years of experience overlanding in Africa.

    It includes all you might need to know to prepare for this trip and more. We know many people love to plan their trip in detail and we hope you will find lots of "stuff" in here to help!

    We also send out personal updates about 6 weeks before departure to all participants heading out on each departure date. This includes final confirmations of pre safari transfers and accommodation and other details relating to your specific travel arrangements so you can check all is as you need.

    We recommend once booked on a Jinja to Zanzibar trip that you periodically check back here as this information is regularly updated. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the news area of this site.

    And if you are not excited enough about heading to Africa already, check out our facebook page, listen out for our tweets and keep up to date with our blog to stay up to date with all that is happening on the road on the trucks.

    Overlanding in Africa is a very different destination from your usual package holiday! You may find some information in this dossier different from what you expected. Whatever your question don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help so feel free to get back to us.

    We are more than happy to advise as to what is the best plan for your particular Africa travel needs.

    Give us a call, or skype or email. We look forward to planning your trip to Africa with you.

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