When you budget for any overland safari make sure you add all aspects of your travel plans including costs on the ground and what you will pay for before you go.

Also look carefully at what is included in the price and the local payment, and make sure you add on excursions that you may select en route, have the recommended spending money and money for visas depending on your passport.

The costs to consider are:

The safari price
Air fares
The Local Payment
Optional excursions
Personal spending money
Pre and post safari costs including taxis and accommodation
Immunisation and antimalarial costs
Equipment costs including sleeping bag, eating utensils and medical kit

There is budget information included on the Budget Pages for each overland trip, Kilimanjaro trek, volunteer program and beach stay. We can also help pull your budget together if you would like further help working out the costs for your specific plans.

Give us a call or email us to tee up a time to talk over your trip on the phone, Live Chat or on skype.

Otherwise request further help here by email and we will get back to you with detailed budget information to assist with your travel plans as quickly as we can.