We want you to to be sure you have budgeted correctly for your trip to Africa.

Many overland trips ask for payment in two parts. On many of our trips after paying the initial price before departure there is also a second local payment to be paid on day one.

The local payment is a separate payment from the initial price you pay before you leave. If a local payment is required it will be shown with the trip price.

This second payment is made in Africa at the start of your trip. It is payable in USD.

The local payment provides us with the means for expenses that need to be paid in cash to local businesses en route to be arranged in the most cost effective manner possible, a saving we can then pass on to you. It also means we can operate in a way that directly supports local businesses and wildlife authorities as we travel.

It will not be changed once you have booked your travel arrangements.

On any Africa trip there will also be optional excursions to tempt you. These allow you to select between wildlife experiences and adventure sports to take your breath away, as well as opportunities to engage with the local community.

Each listed safari details the relevant optional extras.

Remember as well to take spending money with you on top of your optional excursion budget. This is mainly to cover lunch, drinks, souvenir shopping and other personal items such as the occasional upgrade, internet access, sim cards and toiletries.

We are currently recommending £80 - £100 a week spending money for each Africa trip. This is on top of the money you take for optional excursions.

How much spending money you actually need is very individual and often depends on how much you splurge out on accommodation upgrades as well as shop for souvenirs and spend on drink. If Zanzibar is on your itinerary spending money also covers evening meals during your island stay so you can choose from the wonderful array of seafood menus available.

Many campsites offer the opportunity to upgrade so you can sleep in a bed in a dorm style context or a simple chalet. If you wanted a break from camping during your trip adjust your spending money budget accordingly. Spending money also covers occasional small costs that arise coming under £10 e.g. canoe hire and village walks, as well as personal expenses such as communication home and toiletries. The other time when spending money comes into play is those times when the truck is parked up for a period of time whilst everyone heads out on different excursions such as in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Victoria Falls, Maun and Swakopmund. To keep payments fair we may not cover meals and at times camping for these periods.

For more details as to what is and isn’t covered on individual safaris do feel free to contact us. Remember though as long as you take the recommended spending money for each trip you will have more than enough to cover.

We are happy to advise on flight costs and departure taxes to coordinate with your Africa trip. Do remember to allow 2 days overrun on your trip when booking flights.

Insurance is essential for any Africa trip. Make sure your insurance has comprehensive cover for personal accident and medical expenses and includes repatriation home as well as cover for any adventure sports that might tempt you.

Insurance should be considered at the time you book your safari and flights. If you need assistance with insurance we are happy to help. We can also help with the relevant visa and vaccination information for your Africa trip.

A sleeping bag
Personal eating utensils
A torch
Small personal medical kit including antimalarials and mosquito repellent
Any visas that you need to get ahead of time
Yellow fever certificate
Your passport. This should be valid for at least 6 months after your intended date of departure with adequate pages for the required visas.

Upon booking you will be given a predeparture package including information on your visa and immunisation requirements, what to bring on the safari and how to join the trip.

Detailed personal budget information, specific itinerary details for your Africa trip, information on the weather conditions, campsites, life on a truck and health and safety issues are also included.

We are also happy to advise for both before and after your trip, including adding on a gorilla trek, a safari into the Masai Mara, a beach stay on Zanzibar and to Kenya's beach resorts, diving packages, Kilimanjaro treks, pony trekking in Lesotho or extending your trip along the Garden Route.

All required information re transfers and accommodation for both before and after your safari is available in the predeparture package. We are happy to reserve accommodation for you prior to departure. For further information have a look at our pre-safari page on the web.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional overland safari at the most affordable price.

Do note it is not always possible to follow departure and arrival dates nor the routes set. Itineraries are provided as a guide only.

Safaris in Africa are always an adventure. Your crew carefully consider the most favourable route in consultation with the group and consideration of all the experience and expertise they bring to your trip. Changes to itineraries can occur and we also reserve the right to change vehicles or crew on a safari at any time without notifying passengers. We also have no control over local operator's prices.

You are considering an overland safari to Africa. Pack a sense of humour and a sense of wonder. An Africa trip is a journey to another world, a world to be embraced with a sense of adventure and a willingness to enjoy the journey – pot holes, bumps, mud, dust and all.........................

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