COVID - 19 Update ( 10/09/20)

For further news and updates on the Covid 19 situation in Africa and how this is affecting our trips as well as questions you might have in regards to your booking or booking a new tour we have now dedicated a special page to this:
Pandemic Update

Do always feel free to contact us too if you need any further information or have specific questions.

West African Ebola Update 01/09/14

There continues to be regular media updates in regards to the ebola outbreak in West Africa, and we want to assure our clients that our trips have been in no way affected.

The countries impacted are in West and Central Africa, a considerable distance from where the tours operate. The majority of reported incidences are over 5,000 km away from Kenya, and travel options apart from flying are very limited to move from West Africa through to East Africa.

Ebola is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. It isn't an airborne disease making contamination possible only through direct physical contact. Whilst there may be a very few isolated incidents outside the affected areas, the incidences are regularly people who have had direct contact with an ebola sufferer. Tragically doctors, nurses and medical carers, and family members are typically those who have contracted the disease.

There are NO current reported incidences in the East or Southern African countries where we are traveling and these countries are taking extensive measures to prevent the disease, as are Western countries. The medical facilities in East and Southern African countries do have control procedures in place to cope with any concerns, and airlines are also taking preventative measures including bans on travelers arriving in from affected countries, as well as health checks at major airports

Our travellers' health and safety are always top priority and we will remain very attentive to this issue. Please feel free to call or email if you have any other queries about this or any other aspect of your tour.

Yellow Fever Card for Kenya (16/7/13)

Flight passengers travelling to Nairobi require a yellow fever card, if you do not have one you risk being denied boarding at the airport.

Please note this only applies from infected countries within Africa and more importantly if at any point you touch South Africa in your routing from an infected country. So for example you would not need a certificate London to Nairobi or London to Lusaka, but would need one flying from Nairobi to Johannesburg (unless in transit) and then on to London at a later date.

Golden Backpack Awards - Favourite Africa Tour Operator (October 2012)

Check it out! Absolute Africa were lucky enough to win the award for favourite Africa tour operator at the TNT Golden Backpack Awards! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

South Africa & Zambia - Yellow fever vaccination update (01/06/11)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revised the Yellow Fever vaccination recommendations for Africa. Travellers from South Africa to Zambia and travellers from Zambia to South Africa will now require proof of the Yellow Fever vaccination.

In-transit passengers, irrespective of the time period in-transit, will still require proof of the vaccination. Clients going from Zimbabwe to Zambia for a day for activities will need a yellow fever certificate if they are then heading to South Africa.

The new ruling apparently comes into effect immediately, but the policy will be finalised and publicly announced by the end of this month accordingly to the South African Health Department. They have however, recommended that travelers to and from Zambia begin to get this vaccination immediately.

You will be required to have the vaccination a minimum of 10 days before arrival & the vaccination is valid for 10 years. If you will be arriving in Zambia sooner than 10 days from now, you will be able to get the vaccination in country but we recommend you having the vaccination in your home country before travelling if possible.

Vaccinations are available in Livingstone at US$80 and Victoria Falls at US$50 per person.

Zanzibar - All Visitors required to have valid Yellow Fever Certificate (02/02/11)

The Ministry of Health in Zanzibar has warned that following a severe outbreak of yellow fever in Northern Uganda, ALL visitors to Zanzibar will be required to present a valid yellow fever certificate of vaccination on entry.

All clients visiting Zanzibar need to be absolutely sure that they take their valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate with them.