We have a fleet of purpose built Big Yellow Trucks, Scania 93 series, travelling the roads of East and Southern Africa on our overland trips.

Absolute staff were involved in the design of each overland truck ensuring its suitability for the day to day conditions on the road on Africa tours. Most of the trucks were built in our workshop by Absolute crew and staff with the involvement of professional engineering firms. Having been involved in overlanding for thirty years our team are well equipped to ensure the trucks are purpose built to the conditions. Once on the road the trucks are maintained day to day by the crew in order to stay ahead whereever possible of any mechanical concerns. The crew are trained and experienced to monitor all aspects of the overland truck and its equipment.

The design of the trucks ensures all round viewing, and places a high priority on comfort, security, safety, access and storage to ensure we do all possible to provide the best truck for your overland trip to Africa.

On an overland trip to Africa you are going to Africa to see Africa.

The trucks have huge windows with either roll up tarps, PVC windows, or large tinted drop down windows - all to maximise visibility whilst you travel.

Windows are found at both the front and sides and the passenger section is set at a level enabling you to see out both the front of the truck and from the side windows.

On an overland trip to Africa you are travelling a long way in sometimes very difficult conditions.

Our seats are all comfortable, forward facing, coach seats, and there is ample leg room.

Forward facing seats are always recommended to ensure the best possible viewing from your seat on an Africa trip. The views from the truck are spectacular, fascinating and every second can provide a photo opportunity. We don't have inward facing seats, so you won't ever need to turn around and kneel on your seat to look out the window which is awkward, uncomfortable and dangerous in a moving vehicle, nor will you be limited to the risk of external areas of the truck to get good views.

Our seats are also fitted with seatbelts which are "a must" in overland vehicles to ensure you are secure. Roads are often pot holed and unmarked speed humps abound. Driving standards are notoriously poor and traffic control is regularly not of a Western standard.

An aside most trucks have some seats that will face each other with a table in between them. These are great for table games and to work on your laptop.

As with large coaches the door is placed on the left hand side of the truck for safety reasons. This also minimises the amount of dust the truck takes into the passenger compartment.

All vehicles have fixed awnings for wet weather or shade particularly useful for meal preparation.

On an overland trip to Africa there is a lot to carry and keep secure so that we are well stocked up and you can keep all your goodies with you.

Ample storage facilities are also an integral part of the design.

The trucks have internal lock up facilities for your day bags and valuables and professional safes, as well as secure lockups for backpacks under the truck.

Rather than being cramped and hard to access via awkward internal lockers under the floor or seats where the group is sitting and moving about day to day your back packs are stored in convenient outside easy access lockers controlled by central locks with professional high tensile steel locks to ensure top security.

To ensure a good supply in some of the remoter places in Africa our overland trucks are designed to carry large supplies of fuel and water and there is ample storage for food, including pre-purchased bulk dry foods.

Each vehicle is also fitted with a large minus 40 fridge so we can keep a good amount of fresh food and also keep your water cold.

Souvenir shopping is an essential part of an overland trip to Africa for some in our travel groups. Storage is also available for these extra items including drums, masks and Malawi chairs purchased in village markets en route.

On an overland truck you need to be able to power up.

From the fridge, to the intercom, to lighting, to audio equipment, to the charge facilities we might be in the "back of beyond" but we know you need power.

Our trucks come with 4 batteries, 2 to start the truck and 2 extra deep cycle batteries that provide power for the passenger compartment.

Our overland trucks have UK power sockets that work from 600 watt intelligent power inverters. These convert 24v DC to AC mains electricity (220 - 240v). You just need to plug in and charge your camera, mobile phone, Ipod, laptops and video equipment. Some trucks also have additional 12V charge points. We have also multi national adaptors so we can charge most type of plugs.