Apart from exceptional circumstances outside our control, we aim to let you know just prior to the 4 week mark before departure. We will email you to cancel the tour and provide you with your options.

We understand that noone wants their dream trip cancelled. At that time you can then transfer to another tour and/or departure date. The money you have paid including if you had paid to trek the gorillas can be moved to any tour departure within the next two years. (Please note too we are flexible if you need more time to travel, or unsure at that time what trip you will want to do in the future)

If my tour is cancelled whilst on tour due to an outbreak, what happens?

Over the years we have seen many difficult situations and have 24/7 back up available dedicated to always assist our groups. We have many reliable contacts up and down our routes.

In the current unprecedented situation this unfortunate eventuality can happen.

In such circumstances, the group is set up at a safe and secure camp with the best communications available while everyone finalises their ongoing arrangements.

The truck and crew will stay with the group until we are sure everyone is safely moving on. Transfers to the airport will be organised for you.

What happens if someone falls ill on tour, especially with covid?

The tours are based on group participation, and given the current situation we will want to stay as a tight group as much as possible on tour to create our own bubble. When travelling too remember you can pick up bugs regardless, and in Africa specifically you are exposed to health risks you might not have been exposed to before such as typhoid and malaria. This being the case regardless we do ask that everyone is accordingly well insured and of course speak to a health clinic as to requirements in regard to travelling in the countries on your route before you leave. Once on tour be diligent to maintain all hygiene routines including hand washing/using hand sanitiser and washing and clean up etc. Do also monitor your health carefully and we ask that if anyone has any concerns at all with their health they let the tour leader know at the very earliest. We can then ascertain how we can assist.

Over the last six months increasingly most countries around the world are moving to a position of learning to live with covid including the countries on our route. Covid remains though very infectious and can prove very serious particularly for those vulnerable in the community. With this in mind, in the event a passenger or a crew member does have symptoms a PCR test will be organised as soon as practically possible. Situation dependent suitable transport arrangements would then be organised which may well be separated seating in the truck if need be to create distance from everyone else in the group as much as is possible. Hygiene procedures will be increased further immediately. If the result was positive please note we must abide by the health regulations of the country where we are including in regard to any rules for close contacts and isolation. Rules will differ country to country.

Where anyone is unwell staff are there to seek out medical support aiming always to be a friend to ensure whatever care and support is needed. If you are feeling unwell your crew will do all they can to assist and ensure you can liaise with your insurance, as well as our staff liaise with your insurers too if you need. The crew have 24/7 help from our office staff who can and do also monitor closely to ensure there is enough support available for our groups so you can feel safe and at ease while you get better. This is especially relevant if the tour leader is unable to stay with you if you continue unwell, and the group needs to move on. In this instance the office will stay in contact with you as well as your tour leader so that we all know that you are comfortable and on the road to recovery. We also will help if you need assistance in finding a place to self isolate. We will then all look forward to knowing when you are able to rejoin the trip depending on what will work best for you depending on how you are. Whilst these arrangements and costs will be your responsibility and your insurance should cover this, we can assist with these arrangements.

I am not vaccinated for Covid, can I still join a tour?

Several countries along our routes have lifted all restrictions on travel and we are hopeful that the rest will follow soon. There are however still a few countries that require a vaccination certificate or PCR test before entry. If you want to book onto a tour you are best to check with us if there are any countries that still have this requirement on the tour you are looking at. Do note that though the tourleader can assist with helping you get to a test centre etc,any PCR tests that need to be done along the way will be your own responsibility to organise and get done in time for the respective border crossing.