Updated 8th December 2021

All tours, safaris and treks are stopped through to the end of May

Covid 19 continues to impact on so many aspects of life, causing much global uncertainty and keeping us all staying around home. Minimising the risk for each other’s health, the health of your loved ones, the vulnerable, and the wider community needs to remain everyone's focus and responsibility. It really has to be in this unprecedented situation.

Africa is having a comparatively lower number of infections with most countries going into lockdown early which has helped. Hospitalisation numbers are low and the countries on our routes are relaxing their lockdowns whilst taking care to have adequate health and safety protocols in place. We are hopeful that things will come right as we move towards the next year. At the same time this situation is unparalleled and very hard to predict.

As travellers, we cant wait to get going again. At the same time we do need to be sure it is safe to do so. We do care very much for our travellers, our crew and staff, as well as all those we visit on the tour, and given this exceptional situation we need to take a lot of care to make sure we have the best procedures in place.

I want to book a tour, but I am concerned it might not depart given the pandemic?

We all love getting away. We need a change of scene. We need adventure and Africa offers experiences like no other continent. At the same time we understand that in the current situation people are very unsure about committing to a tour. We have then changed our booking conditions to minimise your commitment and maximise flexibility for you.

You can now book a tour with just a 50 GBP deposit.

You can transfer any tour booking free of charge at any time for any reason to another tour and/or another tour date.

Your balance of payment isn’t due until 4 weeks before departure.

We will endeavour to keep you up to date as to the ongoing situation on the ground for your tour, and we are always here to discuss your concerns. Apart from exceptional circumstances outside our control, we will cancel the tour prior to the 4 week mark.

Do ensure you book adequate travel insurance to cover all eventualities.

I want to book a tour, but I am concerned about my health and safety whilst on tour?

Hand sanitiser is provided at the door of the truck and in the current circumstances we are looking at how to ensure the routines can allow for even more frequent hand washing.

We are also following up with all campsites to check on arrangements in regard to provision of adequate hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitiser, as well as social distancing protocols.

In the current situation we have also made a few other immediate adjustments to our tour arrangements:

Smaller group sizes - for the foreseeable future we are reducing our group numbers to 14 for our tours departing through to incl. September 2021 departures.

Your own tent - every solo traveller will have their own tent for their use only.

Ongoing cleaning and maintenance regimes for the vehicles increased including regular deep cleaning of the vehicles

Given that the tours are usually group participation in style we will introduce a dedicated staff member to oversee the cooking, cleaning and equipment maintenance to ensure adequate sanitation and reduce risk at meal times. Each tour will have a dedicated cook through to incl. August 2021 departures

Health checks. You will be asked to complete a short health check prior to departure by phone or email. Once on the road this may be repeated.

Temperature checks before boarding, when approaching borders and prior to group activities where social distancing is more difficult.

Issuing of your own reusable masks for use throughout the tour.

Increased and adjusted staff training.

Given the current situation we do also ask that you also bring a spare reusable mask and personal sanitiser for your own use as well as a back up.

If my tour is cancelled prior to departure what happens?

Apart from exceptional circumstances outside our control, we aim to let you know just prior to the 4 week mark before departure. We will email you to cancel the tour and provide you with your options.

We understand that noone wants their dream trip cancelled. At that time you can then transfer to another tour and/or departure date. The money you have paid including if you had paid to trek the gorillas can be moved to any tour departure within the next two years. (Please note too we are flexible if you need more time to travel, or unsure at that time what trip you will want to do in the future)

If my tour is cancelled whilst on tour due to the pandemic, what happens?

Over the years we have seen many difficult situations and have 24/7 back up available dedicated to always assist our groups. We have many reliable contacts up and down our routes.

In the current unprecedented situation this unfortunate eventuality can happen.

In such circumstances, the group is set up at a safe and secure camp with the best communications available while everyone finalises their ongoing arrangements.

The truck and crew will stay with the group until we are sure everyone is safely moving on. Flights to the airport will be organised for you.

My tour has been cancelled but I dont know at this stage when I can travel again?

These are really uncertain times. We understand this.

Given this situation, any money you have paid can be held in credit until you know when you can travel. And if you do place a booking, and need to transfer again we now provide transfers free of charge for any reason to another tour and/or another tour date.

We will endeavour to keep you up to date as to the ongoing situation on the ground, and we are always here to discuss your concerns.