Wildlife and Spice Island with Vee and Angelo on Sparky – Days 6-11

Days 6-11

Day 6

Its game drive time again today which means a bright and early start, but always you get the reward when you spot the animals. Today the guys are off to one of my favourite parks, Nakuru National Park. If ever you wanted to see Rhinos then this is the place to go. I did sort of promise that we would see some, and without fail, there many! There were lots of animals around today, but this is the place where you keep your eyes out on the trees, not only are we looking for leopards but also massive pythons, and one of our cars was so lucky enough to get a glimpse of these massive reptiles.

rhinosAfter a full day of successful game driving all were happy to return to some nice hot showers.

Today I decided to make some traditional food which comprised of Sadza (ugali in East Africa) done the Zimbabwean way, made from maize flour with a goat stew and cabbage. It was a huge hit with everyone as most have not eaten this before and I was very glad to see empty pots at the end.

Day 7

Today is a relaxed start to our day as we only have a short distance to cover but talk about crazy traffic, phewww! We stop over at the shopping mall and the coffee house there is always a huge welcome for those that have been missing their cappuccino and latte. (It’s a rare occurance!)

Exceptional views as we go… the big highlight is stopping at the local markets to buy the freshest fruit and veg where we not only get veg but offers of babies as well! Talk about getting more than what you bargained for!

The skies open up and we get heavy rains, its still pouring down when we get to the equator but some defied the weather and got out for the briefest of photos…

The next camp in Eldoret is certainly one of the best and I’m sure everyone agreed once they saw it. It was good to sit by the big bonfire at the bar after dinner.

Day 8

This morning we are crossing borders heading for Uganda. As with all mornings in Eldoret it’s not an uncommon site to see many runners training (this is the place where you get most of the Kenyan runners from!) the trip to the border is uneventful but great sites of farm land and massive sugar cane plantations. The local vendors at the border always put on a good show for us… I will add that the samosas are quite delicious! Sometimes the  border crossings take long and these vendors can get you anything from red bull to ice cream!

raftingIf you like lush scenery then you have come to the right place, Uganda is an extremely beautiful place. Nile River Explorers is where we are set up today and you couldn’t find a better location just over looking the Nile River. It’s a quiet evening today as most are saving their energy for the rafting the next day.

My highlight of the day is when one of the girls comes to me and says “Vee, I didn’t know that we passed the Equator today, I must have been asleep”. At this stage I’m like “well, you did jump out of the truck”, then she says “no wasn’t me”, just then one of the guys pulls out his iPad and boom, there’s a picture of her with the equator bill board in the back round. Well, there has been a lot happening recently….

Day 9

A big thumbs up to Arthur for joining in with all the guys and doing the rafting. Without a doubt the rafting here is some of the best in the world. Cold beer and a massive BBQ are always in order at the end of the rafting trip. Its been an amazing day and we all catch up on the events of the day at the bar.

Day 10

Today is very relaxed, partially due to the fact that it has been raining and also everyone is looking forward to the sunset cruise this afternoon. This needs no words but a nice cruise up and down the River Nile on to Lake Victoria, a few drinks, snacks and a few more drinks. Two hours of relaxing later means a big of a party at the camp today as everyone has decided to let their hair down tonight. Besides a few funny photos of some, I think we’ve all had a fantastic day!

Day 11

Only Kat was brave enough to get up and do some horse riding this morning….. I think everyone else is having a lie-in for a change…..


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