Day 7 Nyakhanazi – Kigali

We headed out of Tanzania and crossed into Rwanda – one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever visited. Even the border crossing is scenic with a river and small waterfall which was gushing from the recent rains. In this, the ‘land of a thousand hills’, we make our way towards the capital city, taking in the stunning scenery as we wind up and down dramatic hills!

In Kigali we picked up more passengers and enjoyed making new friends before heading out to dinner in the city. We went to “Republika” which is a great restaurant with an African theme and African food which overlooks the lit up city skyline. Everyone commented how surprised they were by Kigali, it is a clean and organised city with a really chilled out vibe, so very different to many other Africa cities.

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  1. Steph P says:

    This trip sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read more…

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