Kenya and Tanzania Safari with Philippa & Stephen on Makako: Days 14 – 18

Day Fourteendhows at sunset

So this morning we have thirteen tuk tuks waiting for us as our group and the truck from the gorillas now head for the ferry. We are so lucky that it’s a public holiday so the usual hassle is not too bad today.  Arriving at the main ferry office, again thanks to the holiday, the check-in was quite straight-forward.

CC1_4_Zanz_marketWe arrive on the island by 11.05am and after a smooth check-in at Safari Lodge we relax, regroup and then it’s off to lunch and then a spice tour…this was well enjoyed by all.

The end of the day and all roads lead to 6 Degrees Wine Bar at Shangani for sundowners as we watch the activity by the waterside and the dhows sail the harbour. The night food market was then, as always, a treat. It’s been a fantastic day for all.

Day Fifteen451

Everyone is all over the place this morning with some doing a city tour, others having a wander around on their own, and some heading off to the beach early. We all arrive at Kendwa by 1.15pm and enjoy a relaxed afternoon. Late in the afternoon a few set sail on a sunset cruise. We end the day dancing into the night by the Indian Ocean

Day Sixteen54_nzanzibar

Today is a very chilled out day for everyone spending the day either swimming, playing volleyball and getting their tan on. Some of us meet up for dinner and most of us are off to bed early today as the majority are doing snorkelling the next day. 

Day Seventeenswim wth dolphins

The snorkelling party head around to Mnemba Atoll for a most fantastic time today and they were all thrilled to see dolphins particularly.

When all are back we have some birthday celebrations – both Kim and Ann are 590df6d670d0e86ac5d088ac001cdb361f1e415d9b642fe23bbad47c07a6e958celebrating their birthdays. We have cakes, champagne and snacks all round. I don’t think it’s a bad way to spend your birthday!

We are also saying goodbye as it is the last day for many of us in the group. It’s been a fantastic time for everyone. All have enjoyed their stay here. Always on the last night everyone wants to squeeze another day in, but as much as one could stay here on this dreamy island forever, our journey must continue….wherever it takes us.

Thanks for reading. Safari njema.

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