About Us

In 1979 we headed out overlanding Africa crossing the Sahara Desert in a London taxi traveling from Britain to Kenya. Absolute Africa, the budget overland company, grew from there with the aim to allow you to discover Africa.  Our choice of vehicle has changed from the original taxi and on our overlanding Africa trips we now travel the continent in big yellow overland trucks. At the same time we have retained the core idea of enabling overlanding passengers to experience the best price African trips.

Our Africa trips are a lot of fun! The style of travel is group camping. Everyone participates in all the daily routines and some great friendships can develop over the life of a tour as everyone works together quite closely to ensure all stays organised. We keep busy, the day to day routines being centred around setting up camp including pitching tents and taking turns in cooking and shopping, packing away, fire lighting and cleaning. Being based around a group effort you will find the more you put in to your trip, the more you will get out of your time in Africa on an overland truck tour. Those travelling with you are usually like minded people and equally committed to chipping in to get the most out of their trip. 

Whilst we put as many special features on the trucks as we can to make them as comfy as possible, it is important to realise you are living “off the truck” “on the road” so you do need to be prepared for this. Day to day there can be some long, dusty drive days and facilities at campsites can vary. Whilst we have a large fridge on the trucks and additional cool boxes as well to keep food fresh and drinks cold, the variety and quality of food available is not always the same as is available in the western world either.

Group meetings to discuss the ongoing day to day arrangements are organised on the road by the tour leader who will do all he or she can to help the group and encourage all to run smoothly. Group rosters, the different options available, as well as weather and road conditions and other variables impacting on the safari’s progress and itinerary are discussed. Security, safety and hygiene procedures are also vital to the safe progress of the trip and the group’s well being and the leader will also go through these procedures with the group. Be aware as well we also visit some very different destinations such as game parks and sites with specific safety and health risks. It is essential all instructions and signs are followed carefully.

Free more relaxing days are scheduled into most safaris so you can relax and also really immerse yourself in the world around you. The trips though do vary in pace and you need to be prepared to keep busy and get involved day to day with your group. The tour leader oversees the rosters and in particular helps as much as the cooks need assistance each day with the meal preparation

In general the trips are designed for physically active people between 18 to 40 years of age.

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