Face of Africa with Joe & Angelo on Sparky Days 5-10

Face of Africa with Joe & Angelo on Sparky Days 5-10

absolute africa, The Road from Kisoro

The Road from Kisoro

Days 5 and 6

We treat ourselves this morning with a special breakfast of sausages, bacon, baked beans, eggs, toast and a mixed fruit salad.

We are sad to say goody to the people here at Rafiki in Kisoro – we were well looked after for three good days here.

Uganda, african adventure

Local kids with our group in Uganda

At  8 am  we  are  ready  to hit the  road overland  today  we only  have  about  80 km to Kabale  town  so  it’s an easy  day, and from there on to the beautiful campsite at Lake Bunyoni

View near Lake Bunyoni

The campsite at Lake Bunyoni

Day 7

absolute africa, african overland, africa tour

Joe and Angelo, tour leader and driver, Absolute Africa

We arrive today to 0 latitude!!

The Equator, Uganda

Did you know?

At the Equator you are geographically  6,025 miles from the North and South Poles,  3,800 ft above sea level and at 0 degrees latitude?

And that you are also  3% lighter  here  and enjoy centrifuged air from both the North and South Poles.

And on 21st March and 23rd September these are Equatorial Equinoxes And that the sun rises and sets directly  above the Equator line meaning  you cannot see your own  shadow,

And lastly also at this point water drops straight down and not clockwise or anticlockwise as is the case towards the South  & North Poles  respectively!

Days 8 – 10

Absolute  Team Jinja!

absolute africa, african touring

Local kids from the truck mirror

We settle into Jinja by the shores of the Nile with all the different activities available.From white water rafting to quad biking to helping out in the local schools there is a lot of exciting excursions to do here.

African Adventure, African overland

Absolute Kenyan running team!

But there was this question  that had been hanging since  the  trip started……….  how  good  are  the  Kenyan runners ?

I  decided  to  give  it  ago yesterday  morning – To represent my country and to be  honest  it  was  not as tough as I had expected. Running with a Kenyan was  Juels  and Angelo, our driver.

We found  this   dirt track which was highly  recommended  for those  who like jogging as there was  no traffic at all. Some kids joined us on the  way, women and men waving from their  homes others  from their  gardens. It was  good  value and  Team  Absolute has agreed to go for a run every morning  now whenever  that can be  possible.

absolute africa, african overland tour

Absolute Team Jinja!

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