Namibia Nomad – Days 20-22

Namibia Nomad – Days 20-22

The voting ballot doesn’t lie and ‘Come Dine with me/Absolute Africa Master Chef’ winner this safari, was Group B – The Desert Mexicans!

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Come Dine With Me Africa Style!

Our first day in Stellenbosch, the Mexicans and I went out for an awesome breakfast at an epecurien secret, the very best of the South African food world! It was the start of an awesome day ahead, and a showcase of what is to expect when eating and drinking your way through South Africa!

The winter in South Africa has really set in, and as the morning came out of the darkness, the mountains exposed their snow covered peaks.
We later in the morning met the rest of the group and headed out on a wine trail, learning about tasting wines and eating our way through more of the Stellenbosch wine country!
Back at the hostel, plenty more of the favorite wines were drunk at which stage the wine could easily have been water or whisky… who could quite be sure!
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South African Winter

It’s a short 50km drive to Cape Town, the last truck journey of our safari! We are in the cold wet and wintery mother city by mid morning. No amount of bad weather however could damage the beauty of Cape Town. The table mountain and lions head, dramatic landscape and creative city as a backdrop to the sky blue Atlantic Ocean.

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The end of an African Adventure

It’s really starting to feel like the end now, but not before one last hurrah, tonight we head down to the waterfront for a final chink chink chink at the best steak house in the city, Belthazer restaurant! Plenty of stories shared, laughs to be had and a few tears shed! We eventually drag our feet out of there, it’s the end of this chapter and tomorrow we all wake up without a departure time! I’m leaving them now to write the next chapter of their books by them self. Books full of climaxes!

Safari salama truckies of Wylie!

George, Absolute Africa

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