Namibia Nomad – Days 17 to 20

Namibia Nomad Days 17 to 20

The Namib desert is one of the driest and oldest ecosystems on earth. The landscape is barren and dry! Shist and gravel flats stretch for miles meeting enormous sheer mountains made from stone and rock. Little grows apart from the quiver trees, the odd cactus plant and scrub.

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Adventure Camping in Africa

Yesterday we spent the day on the rim of fish river canyon, the second largest in the world next to the Grand Canyon. The views are enormous, and the depth, size and scale of the canyon makes for a spectacular picnic lunch! We hiked a short trail up the rim to view the canyon from different perspectives.

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Campfires and cooking in Namibia

Our camp last night was at the southern end of the canyon in an oasis of palm trees, hot water springs, green grass and fresh water pools. Surrounded by the canyon walls we lost the sun early, but we were left comforted by the hot steam rising from the hot water springs, and the star lit sky.

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Come Dine With Me Africa Style

We are three days down on our ‘come dine with me’ competition between duty groups. The four groups, given the budget, have had to shop, design and cook the dinner on their allocated night. They are judged by the truck on taste, presentation, creativity, value and entertainment. It’s been really funny!

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Enjoying the sun going down with an African feast

We’ve had line dancing, blindfolded pinata beating, fake mustaches, terrible singing, burnt nachos, targine cooked out of a steal vat, steaks the size of a cow itself, salsa so spicy it’s uneatable, the best hummus I’ve ever tasted, blue cheese potato bake, spicy rice, wild costumes; 4 different spectacular settings!

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Trip to the wineries is on the cards for the winners!

The winning group will go wine tasting through the Stellenbosch wine region in South Africa on Saturday. So far it’s a tough job to judge, maybe we’ll just throw the paper and we’ll all head for the wineries on Saturday!

Chink chink

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