Days 12 & 13 Kampala to Queen Elizabeth National Park

We said farewell to Jinja and drove to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda before making our way to the equator. At the equator we observed the water spinning in opposite directions in the different hemispheres and had fun jumping between the north and south. We enjoyed nice coffee and delicious muffins from the Child Aid Equator Café (with all proceeds go to orphans in the area) before continuing on a scenic drive to our stop for the night – Mbarara.

An early start saw is back on the wildlife trail as we headed to Queen Elizabeth National Park. As we drove through the park we spotted a herd of elephants and stopped for a picnic lunch overlooking Lake Edward. Afternoon game drives took us to the Kazinga channel where we climbed aboard a boat for a cruise. The guide was great, teaching us all about the many beautiful birds we saw along the river banks and about the local fishing and culture. There were loads of hippo’s out and we watch them wallowing, and saw buffalo grazing on the waters’ edge.

After the cruise we jumped back in the truck for our last game drive of the day. It’s been raining here lately and the roads are muddy, and as we neared the main gate of the park we got stuck in the mud! Charles and I assess the situation and tried to get the truck out by digging around the tyres, what a messy job. Everybody was amused to see us covered head to toe in mud!!! As it was starting to get dark I arrange for 4x4s to come pick us up and take us to camp, but just as they arrive me manage to get ourselves unstuck and there were cheers all round! What an adventure – T.I.A!!!! (This is Africa!) That evening we enjoy a well-deserved meal of fresh Talipa fish curry and rice. The fish had been caught fresh by the fishermen we had watched earlier on our cruise.

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