Days 10 & 11 Adrenalin packed days in Jinga

Another day of more activity. Some headed to the Soft Power voluntary project where they saw the great work Soft Power do in the area and gave a helping hand. While for others it was a continuation of the adrenaline. In the afternoon a group of us grabbed paddle boards and took them out on the Nile, a new experience for all. It took a while to find our balance, but once stable it’s was great fun, and being out on the water with the fish, crabs and birds was great. In the evening we went to a nice nearby restaurant for a lovely dinner, and those who still had the energy party again!

Next day was RAFTING day!!! The majority of the group spent the full day high on adrenaline rafting the grade 5 rapids of the Nile – what a thrill! . The rafting is scary but so much fun. A few brave souls even kayaked the giant rapids. Those not rafting and kayaking had a chilled out day by the pool and around camp and in the evening we all come together at camp to watch the video of the days spills and thrills!

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