Day 8 & 9 Jinga

It’s up early and a sad farewell to the beautiful highlands, but the sadness is short lived as we are on our way to Jinja – East Africa’s adrenaline and party capital! Jinja sure lived up to its reputation, on our first afternoon there, some tried kayaking, some went quad biking, and the rest of us simply enjoyed the bar on the banks of the Nile river.

I headed off to Kampala and met the new passengers who were joining, and the next morning took them on the shuttle to Jinja and introduced them to the rest of the gang. The day had been non-stop activity with bungee jumping, more quad biking, kayaking, walks around the nearby village and generally socialising and fun! It was Charlie’s birthday so we all got dressed up and took to the Nile for a sunset cruise, including many party games! Once back on land we sang happy birthday with a vodka watermelon replacing the traditional cake and continued the birthday celebrations!

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