Days 19 & 20 The Masai Mara

We made our way to the final highlight – The Masai Mara. We stopped along the way to do some curio shopping before heading into The Masai Mara National park. The landscape here is breath-taking. The last box we had to tick (animal wise) was cheetah – and luck was with is as we saw two lazing under a tree! We sat and watched these beautiful animals enjoying the sunshine. Dark clouds began to roll in from the horizon, and in this vast landscape we literally watched the weather change, and experienced the force of nature as we were soon engulfed in a massive dust storm! We then got back to camp near the Talek gate, just before the rain hit. That night when the storm had passed we could hear lion and hyena calling. Some elephants came through our camp but our faithful Askari (Maasai security guard) kept us safe.

In the morning we drove off at sunrise to see what The Mara had in store for us. We saw giraffe, elephant, buffalo, topi, and herds of Thomson’s gazelle before stopping by the river to see hippo’s wallowing. After a long relaxing lunch we head out again for the afternoon drives. All of a sudden we saw a blur run fast out of the bush – cheetah chasing a reedbuck! Fast as lightening it ran across the road in front of the truck we all moved just as quick to catch a glimpse, and it turned quickly to cross back behind the truck and into the bushes. Quickly grabbing camera’s we scrambled to the other side of the truck to get a better view – unfortunately for the cheetah and the buck got away. The cheetah lay down exhausted in the bushes, all our hearts were beating fast with the excitement, what an end to our amazing game viewing on this trip!

Back at camp we cooked, then sat round the fire with the Maasai, roasting marshmallows and chatting. As we breathe in the warm African air, stare up at the stars and just absorb the beauty around us, we can’t believe this amazing trip is nearly over.

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