Day 21 Nairobi (Our Last Day!)

It’s tents down for the last time!! We cooked ourselves a big last day breakfast before heading once again into The Mara where we saw hyena walking close by, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, gazelle and our beloved cheetah again!

We were all sad to say goodbye to The Masai Mara, but the trip wasn’t over yet. After lunch we stopped off at a view point on the Great Rift Valley where we marvelled at the view and the geological forces that created this wonder of nature. After a photo call we set off to our final destination – Nairobi.

Once in the city we went out for dinner and celebrated the trip over an African buffet. Amongst much laughter, we reminisced about our highlights and funniest moments, and agreed that it’s been an amazing trip and an unforgettable experience. The passengers gave Charles and I personalized homemade cards – which we appreciated so much. It makes the trip special when we see the passengers enjoying their time with Absolute Africa, whilst learning about and growing to love Africa’s land, people and animals. So it’s big hugs and bye-bye truck family, come again!

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