Days 17 & 18 Naivasha

After two nights in Nakuru we had a short drive to Naivasha, but first we made an important stop. Maggie is a young woman with a passion to help children in need; she opened an orphanage called ‘Amazing Grace’ many years ago. We took food, clothing and other essentials with us as Amazing Grace relies on donations to support the amazing job they do of raising the children. Maggie and the children showed us round there home, and then we played games, sang and danced with the children! It was so inspiring, and the smiling faces of the children left made us realise just how much they enjoyed our company.
We continued to our camp at Naivasha and had time to relax before setting out on a hippo cruise. One of the passengers, Belinda, was obsessed with hippo so being close to them was amazing for her. We bought some fish from local fishermen and cruised over to near a pair of fish eagles. Our guide called to them whilst holding the fish above his head, he threw the fish and the eagles swept down to catch it mid-air – what a magnificent sight!

Dinner was followed by the entertainment of fire poi and fire breathing, then a few games of pool in the bar. The following day we spent a day by the lovely big pool. Swimming and sunbathing, and at 3pm head out to the home of Joy and George Adamson for high tea on the lawn with the black & white colobus monkeys

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