Days 10,11 & 12 Lake Bunyoni – Kampala

We travelled to Lake Bunyoni, the deepest lake in Uganda, and dotted with 29 islands. We stayed in a beautiful campsite on the lake shore, and we took a boat out to explore some of the lake with the guide telling us stories of each island. We had dinner overlooking the lake at sunset. Everyone is tired from the trekking so a well-deserved early night was in order!

Next day we decided to make it an early start as we opted for a long drive day so we could spend some time in Kampala the capital city. Along the way we were encountered roaring thunder and flashes of bright lightening in a true tropical storm! Luckily by the time we reached the equator the sun was back out! The equator was loads of fun. We took many comical photos’ jumping over the line, and used a plastic bottle to experiment with which way the water turns as it goes down.

As it was Valentine’s Day the coffee shop by the equator gave us little bunches of flowers! I asked Brendan and Belinda (a couple) “are you going to do anything special for valentines tonight?” Belinda’s reply was classic – “well actually we were thinking of going camping!” The group is full of laughs on this trip – we really have become a truck family!

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