Days 13 & 14 Jinja

Jinja – the adrenaline capital of East Africa! Everyone was pumped up and looking forward to experiencing the fun to be had there. Some of us headed off in the afternoon to see the source of the Nile. Others soaked up the atmosphere of the Nile River Explorers Camp, where travellers from all over the world meet for adventure, and the Nile creates a stunning backdrop!

The next morning we were up for an adrenaline rush – rafting time! The rafting guides were great, and manage to calm the nerves of even the most nervous among us (namely me!) So it was into our rafts with paddles at the ready for rapid number one . . . . . and . . . . . . straight away we get stuck on a rock, followed immediately by getting flipped into the water! Our guide helped us all back into the boat.

Well, our guide HAD asked us at the beginning, “what do you want…flips and crazy rapids or a more chilled experience”, and we’d said “go big or go home, once in a life time let’s do this to the extreme!” Our boat really was extreme, we flipped on nearly all of the rapids – after the first couple you get over the fear and the fun begins! Adrenaline surging, whoops of laughter and screams, the raging white waters of the Nile and a great team of paddlers make the experience unforgettable and after a full day at the river we are all on a high!

But there’s no rest because after rafting it was party time! Another birthday party, fancy dress, party hats and a vodka filled watermelon instead of a cake! We danced, sang and partied into the night, celebrating the birthday, the rafting and a great trip so far.

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