Days 8 & 9 Uganda – Gorilla Trekking

Just before setting off on our gorilla trekAnother border crossing and we enter Uganda and encounter more stunning scenery as we headed through the hills towards Kisoro. As the Virunga mountains came into view we all knew what that means – Gorilla trekking! With only 800 mountain gorilla’s left in the wild, trekking to see them is an amazing experience and a massive highlight for most. But first we had a day in town, and as Monday is market day, it is bustling! Some of us brave the extremely crowded market, with its many varieties of colourful fruit and vegetables, the market women chatting to each other and calling out to attract customers, and the children playing between the heaving stalls.

Trekking in Uganda looking for GorillaIn the evening we are entertained by children from a nearby orphanage singing, dancing and drumming for us – they were incredibly good! A joke for the entire trip had been that every day was our driver Charles’ birthday – so we surprised him with a card, cake and candle and the children sang him happy birthday – all of us were in fits of laughter!

Next morning we had an early start with the passengers heading up the mountains in the morning mist to go find the gorillas. It took about 2 1/2 hours of rainforest trekking – but so worth it to see these amazing creatures, and everyone was full of praise for the fantastic trekkers and guides. An hour spend with the gorillas is an unforgettable experience, I can’t put into words how amazing it is to share some time with the incredible animals.

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