Day 3 – Nakuru to Lake Naivasha

Today we left the zebra themed camp site and firstly headed into Nakuru town, to get supplies for the next couple of days at the freshwater Lake Naivasha, our next port of call.

On the way to the Lake we stopped off at a local orphanage.  Set up by a young local woman in 2009, she looks after, orphaned, lost and abandoned children between the ages of 2 and 13  ( ).  It was a most amazing couple of hours finding out how the kids are looked after and we had great fun spending time, playing , singing and dancing with the children.  It was quite emotional for us all.

After a short drive we stopped again for a local lunch, trying some more interesting specialities like goats intestines and blood sausage,  barbequed goat was the option for those less adventurous!!  After a short pit stop on the way to the camp and an impromptu singing and dancing session with a local group of school children we arrived at Crayfish Camp in Naivasha.

Hot showers were had and a dinner of beef stew and rice was on the menu, followed by toasted marshmallows.  The evening was filled with a rather funny pool session in the camp site bar (not enough balls or too many were the problem!!)

Then time for the bed because tomorrow the activities start, so energy is required for the morning!!

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