Day 2 – Nakuru National Park

Monday morning started off early with a 5am wake up call, for the start of todays adventure.  The thought of the big 5 – Lions, Elephants, Buffalo, Rhino & Leopards meant that everyone was eagerly looking forward to the 12 hour day.  A quick breakfast & we were on our way along the bumpy roads of Kenya.  First stop was petrol, but we made it to the gates of Nakuru national park within a few minutes.  A group of cheeky monkeys decided to entertain us whilst we waited for the park to open.  Some very cute young-ins were well protected by their parents. We were quickly in and immediately experienced what the wildlife of Africa is really like. Buffalo’s, Zebra & Baboons were the first to tick off the list.  The baboons showed some very human characteristics including fighting, cleaning themselves & answering the mating call.

We quickly moved on with eager eyes trying to catch a glimpse of what was on offer. Our guide for the day, Bernard, had great local knowledge and a quick phone call took us to the north side of Lake Nakuru where 2 male lions were grazing. We got some great photos of them in stride as they paraded around like Lions. Further round the lake we spotted our first Rhino. A White Rhino had come down to the lake for a morning slurp, and wasn’t bothered by the sight of 6 or 7 vans clicking away at him.

The chase was on as we wanted to capture more and more. The early start was catching up on us as one by one the heads went down for a quick nap. A few Pelicans, Flamingoes and Ostriches later, we found ourselves packing down for a self prepared lunch of rubber cheese, ham and local bread. What we couldn’t finish, the surrounding monkeys lapped up.  We picked up our new pals at the gate, Laura & Dipesh, who had been greeting the porcelain for the past 2 days, getting used to the Kenya cuisine.  Back to lunch, and feeding the monkeys is not allowed but we still got a few entertaining shots.

As the animals had a mid afternoon siesta, it was only fair the we joined in too. The Lake Nakuru Lodge provided us with some lavish surroundings, a bar and a swimming pool. What more could you ask for. 300 Kenyan shillings later (£2.50 for the pool charge) we hopped back in the van to chase the elusive Giraffe.  Bernard knew of a good area to go spotting round the thick bushes, and as we drove around, there was nothing in sight.  We finally managed to spot a male giraffe, who quickly hid behind a tree to escape the limelight.  Giraffes will have to wait for another day.

Overall a long but entertaining day had by all. Thank you to our guide Bernard for making sure we got to the best locations & quickly., The day finished off with a hard earned Tuskers and brilliantly prepared pork chops – thank you Good Luck!    Kieran

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