Day 1 – Nairobi to Nakuru

Heron Hotel, Nairobi

Today we started our African adventure.  We met at the Heron Hotel in Nairobi bright and early.   We met our guide, driver, cook and our fellow African explorers.  Unfortunately one of our fellow travellers had a case of food poisoning and doctors orders stays in the comfort of the hotel for the night….(we will keep you updated on her tomorrow!!).

We saw our truck  Shaggy for the first time and were surprised by the size of the beast!!!   Seatbelts on and we were off through the suburbs of Nairobi.  We drove for about an hour and then stopped off to take in the amazing view of the Great Rift Valley and try our luck at bartering with the local traders, they were tough businessmen!

We drove past Mount Longonot and  Lake Naivasha.  We decided that we would like to have a go at the local food.  So we had lunch of barbequed goat, ugali  (maize meal), rice and tomatoes and onions.  It was all eaten using one hand (washed beforehand!) and shared amongst us a bit like tapas, it was a great experience and fabulous food.  We also had our first introduction to African wildlife with the rather large scavenging and not the most attractive looking Marabou Storks keeping an eye out for any leftovers.

About another couple of hours drive and the glimpse of zebra in the distance as we were driving along we arrived at our first camp site which was about 3kms off the highway and into the African bush.  Tents are put up and are not that difficult.  We went to the zebra themed bar and tried the local beer called Tusker, which is very good.  We get the low down of how the trip works and what to expect from the coming couple of weeks, it’s going to be exciting!

Dinner is a bbq of chicken and boerwors, baked potatoes and salad.  The sun went down and a million stars came out it was quite a sight.  Bit chilly though so a few layers required.

Tomorrow we are up early to get into the National Park and hopefully see lots of the famous animals.

Time for bed now and our first experience of sleeping under African skies

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