Chitimba Beach, Malawi – Day 34 and 35

We enter into Malawi, the poorest country that we visit on this safari.   A large portion of the country is covered by Lake Malawi  which is located almost at the end of the Great Rift Valley.   Our time in Malawi is very chilled and relaxing with days spent by the lake taking in the scenery, the local culture and admiring the wood carvings which are some of the best in Africa.

However there are some serious things to be done while here.   Fancy dress shopping needs to be done for Xmas and there is no better way of shopping than pulling into a local town,  parking the truck,  and getting your costumes delivered to you.   And the “quality” of clothing is outstanding.   Whoever donated these clothes to Malawi really needs to have a look at themselves and their taste in fashion!   The only people crazy enough to wear them are overlanders, you never see locals in such clothing.   Our outfits will be revealed in due course,  once we are on the houseboats at Lake Kariba.

Our next mission is to practise our skills of negotiation at a local carving market.   Malawians specialise in wood carving and the most impressive is the Malawi chair.  The ladies on the trip love this part of the day and after an hour and a half of shopping and negotiation bliss they are almost ready to leave.  The only issue at the end of a Malawi carving shopping spree is finding where to store it all within ‘Eeyore’.

Tip of the Day:  You need to be a fantastic negotiator to get good deals on Malawi curios.

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