Kande Beach, Malawi, Day 36 to 38

There are some parts of the trip that really takes the fancy of the ladies.  For example shopping at curios and carving markets and massages on the beaches of Zanzibar.   For the dudes, there is the rotation of a spit slowly roasting a beast with a cold beer in hand.  Our beast in this case is a 6 month old pig.  If it was just up to the blokes that would be enough to satisfy our hunger, but for the women there must be at least one accompanying salad!  So after an 8 hour cooking extravaganza the beast is ready for consumption.  Do you know the greatest thing about eating a pig on the spit?  It is okay to eat it like a caveman, all  etiquette is thrown to the side and the feeding becomes primeval.

Did I mention the punch?  Some clever person on the trip decided it would be good to through some fruits into some local gin and let it ferment for 5 hours and then add the sweeteners.  The punch was great!  As each person chewed on a piece if pineapple or apple their face would instantly turn into a prune once that gin smacked the back of the palette.

The last night in Malawi was spent enjoying the sunset over the beach then at the local village having a meal. After dinner the guys were entertained by the village children with some singing and dancing.  It can be very embarrassing dancing with a 7yr old who’s moves and jives are better than yours.  In my case that’s not that hard.

Malawi was great, good food and good times.

Tip of the Day: Some people need a bib when devouring a suckling pig!

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  1. maddie says:

    what kind a tatoo session was going on right there??

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