Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar, Day 29 to 31

After a hectic day in Stone Town we head to the more relaxed Sunset Bungalows one of many resorts along Kendwa beach. Here we enjoy the beach at our door step. From your room it is just a short walk down some steps past the bar and restaurant, the hammocks, umbrellas and beach beds, lays the crystal clear waters of Kendwa and the northern beaches of Zanzibar Island.

What is there to do at Kendwa beach? Not much if you don’t want too. But if all you need is a massage, a cocktail, the sun, the sand and the sea, then you would be in heaven. However if you need more excitement there is Scuba diving off the many reefs around this part of the island, or kayaking, surf skiing, snorkeling and volleyball to keep your excitement up.

The 3 days on the resort are spent enjoying the beach and the sun doing what one wishes to do at a relaxed Zanzibar time. There is ‘no rush in Africa’ and that is a very truthful statement and there is definitely no need to rush on Zanzibar and it is one place where Africa time is running at the right pace.

It is not just relaxing on the beach we do have to have a beach party and do need to celebrate the last night as a farewell to Zanzibar Island and to 5 more of our compatriots who like the Island so much they just cannot leave just yet. So after a seafood meal on the beach we celebrate our great time together with a cocktail or three. So cheers to Kyra, Heide, Kasey, Erenie and Lisa and all the best for you remaining time on Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Challenge - Stage four of the Zanzibar challenge was won by ‘ACDD’ and the final stage was a tie between ‘The Kiwi Cougars’, ‘The UN’ and ‘The Warthags’.

The overall winners for the Zanzibar Challenge were   ‘The Kiwi Cougars’ and the losers for the challenge ‘The 3 Muzungus’.  The winners were to pick a mystery henna to be worn by the losing side.  Lucky for ‘the 3 Muzungus’ the henna lady’s were not around in the morning and ‘the Kiwi Cougars’ were a little under the weather from one too many cocktails the night before.

Day 30 saw Beats wearing the chain of shame and Mandy wore it on Day 32.

Tip of the Day (well actually for all days on Zanzibar): If your day at the beach ends in you looking like a lobster, it’s not classed as a sun tan!

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