Namibia Nomad – Day 1 to 4

Namibia Nomad

Day One

I sure hope we haven’t got off on a bad foot! It wasn’t premeditated to be leaving Shoestrings Backpackers in Victoria falls at 6am on a Sunday morning!
Today is my first day as the groups new tour leader. Myself ( George) and driver JB will take our 17 clients on JB’s baby (truck Wylie) through Botswana Namibia and and South Africa on the Namibia Nomad.
Our boat cruise - Chobe - with Absolute Africa.

Chobe Boat Cruise

I’ve got a pretty good feeling that once we are through with the game drive and boat cruise in Chobe National Park, by tonight I will be forgiven for the crack of dawn wake up call! And if that’s not enough, I will sweeten them up with a BBQ tonight. Can you see it? Think crackling bonfire, wood fueled BBQ with boerewors sausages and rump steak, African sky overhead, elephant crashing around in the bush close by, the call of the hippo, washed down with a few beers.
We’re on Safari!!

Day Two

The drive to Maun started early by head torch at 6am. It’s coming into winter here in Botswana so the mornings are chilly. We huddled around the charcoal fire and grilled our toast and drunk our hot coffee in silence.
Delta full of hippo

Hippo in the Delta

200km down the road we pulled over next to a pack of 7 wild dogs. Highly endangered and very rare to see. We sat and watched them playing and sunning themselves in the morning warmth.   We continue on skirting the Kalahari Desert down towards the worlds largest inland Delta, the Okavango.

Day Three

Great seeing the reed frogs land in our boat

Reed frogs

Head off this morning in our mokoro as we head out into the bush.  Passing the resident hippos and watching out for the reed frogs landing in our boats we arrive at camp.  After lunch and a small siesta we head out for an afternoon game walk.  Sighting the odd zebra, buffalo and a few elephant in the distance .
As we gather around the fire preparing dinner, the moon is almost new and the sky is bright with the Milky Way overhead. The camp fire crackles to the noise of crickets, cicadas and frogs. It’s so peaceful here.

Day Four

We are up early this morning to experience the beautiful sunrise over this expanse of waterways.  We take the mokoros and go off to explore a different area of the Delta in the hope of seeing some wildlife.  Today though with the sun high the animals were a little quieter than the night before!
Safari in Mokoro, Delta

Mokoro Safari in the Delta

This afternoon we were swimming in the waterhole close by the camp surrounded by reeds and white water lillies.

Beautiful waterlilies at the Okavango Delta

Waterlilies in the Okavango Delta

Elephants in the distance and dragon flys litter the blue sky. There’s nothing quite like camping deep in the African bush.

It’s nearing the end of another day. Soon we will be polling out on the mokoros up to the hippo pool for sunset and a cold beer.
Meatballs for Dinner on safari.

Meatballs! meatballs! meatballs! bloody meatballs!!

Our poler, Smooth, hums the ‘Okavango national anthem’
beautiful Delta; as we glide our way through the water canals by mokoro. Just another day in Africa.
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