Days 25 & 26 Arusha

Although it was the final day for some we could not be too sad as another highlight awaited – the crater itself. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain, but we had put the awning up the previous night so we have cover for breakfast! After breakfast everyone leapt in 4×4’s to head into the crater. The guide assured us that it was not raining inside the crater and it wasn’t, within the hour the sky cleared to a beautiful blue and we soon saw why this is called the ‘Noah’s ark of Africa’. There are so many animals around its barely believable!

After lunch we drove to our final stop of the trip the Maasai campsite in Arusha. We had a great BBQ feast and the night’s celebrations also included ‘truck awards’ (we had voted on comedy awards for each other), goodbyes, and thank-you speeches. In the morning there were goodbye hugs all round, as some passengers carried on their travels on Pumba with Ali and Shepherd whilst others travelled back to Nairobi to fly home. What an action packed adventure this trip was – Safari Njemba (go well!)

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