Days 20 & 21 Tanzania, Nyakhanazi to Mwanza

We experienced our last border crossing of our trip – into Tanzania. We headed well off the beaten track into rural Tanzania and spent a night in the village of Nyakhanazi where our accommodation was a really African experience; an African guest house with bucket showers and a warm African friendly welcome.
The children of the village showed us around while the wife of the guest house owner prepared a delicious traditional meal for us.

That night there was a HUGE thunderstorm, and I watched the lighting out of the window of my room.

We drove on to the shores of Lake Victoria and had a short ferry ride across the lake to reach Mwanza. Mwanza is known as ‘Rock City’ due to the many rock formations in the area and we had some time in the afternoon to explore, before watching a stunning sunset across the lake as we ate dinner

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