Days 15 & 16 Chimpanzees & Lake Bunyoni

Another early start saw us heading out into the rainforest to go chimpanzee trekking. As our guide hacks us a path through the trees and bush, the scenery is gorgeous through the trees and bush. We were in luck as we only had to trek for two hours before we saw the chimps. The incredibly loud noises they made seemed to reverberate through surrounding forest. We got pretty close to them and one brave young male ventured just 5 foot from where were watching them – amazing!

It’s was beautifully scenic drive with banana and tea plantations lining the roads and hillsides as we headed to our stopover in Kabale. The campsite was lovely, but as it was a rainy evening we retreated indoors to play games and enjoying the free Wi-Fi!

Next day we clambered onto small vehicles to get up to Lake Bunyoni. Bunyoni Overland Camp is on the shores of this beautiful lake, 1200m above sea level and down a dirt road. The wet weather has resulted in the surrounding hills being draped in mist, creating a dramatic landscape. We walked to a local school and community project which supports orphans and vulnerable children in the area. Whilst there, some of joined in to teach numbers and songs to the children. We enjoyed some relaxing time by the lake, and in the afternoon we experienced travel in traditional dug out canoe’s to look at some of the 29 islands and that night we slept in safari tents overlooking the lake.

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