Days 5 & 6 Grumeti-Mwanza-Nyakhanazi

We left the game parks and headed towards Mwanza. Stopping en-route for a ‘local lunch’ by the roadside allowed us to sample some of the local foods – ugali (maize meal), chips mayai (chips & egg), and goat and fish stew – yum!

We enter the town of Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria. Smooth rocks tower over the bustling hub of the town, giving rise to its name of the “Rock City”. The rocks were formed when the rift valley was created and smoothed by the waters of the lake that once covered them. We camped by the lake shore and enjoyed a stunning sunset!

The next day a really African experience awaited us as we headed well off the “beaten track” to the village of Nyakhanazi. There we stop at a local guest house and had traditional food cooked by the owners wife. We were taken on a village tour by the children. The kids were recycling and make toys out of plastic bottles and are so excited to be given a massive 7 litre bottle by us. The children in the village showed as the real meaning of simple joy as they got so much pleasure from things that to us seemed so insignificant! That night we danced with the locals to the energetic rhythm of Tanzanian music.

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