Day 4 Serengeti – Grumeti

Today we continued our game drive through the Serengeti, whilst some of the passengers opted to go soaring above the ‘endless plains’ on a hot air balloon ride. Their experience included enjoying a champagne breakfast get the ride gave them a real sense of the wide open spaces.

After having lunch at the exit gate of the Serengeti, we headed to our camp on the outskirts if the park in The Grumeti. As the afternoon was so hot, we relaxed in the shade and simply soaking up the beautiful wilderness. This camp is another favourite of mine, it’s a patch of grass cut out of the bush with hot showers heated by firewood – real bush camping!

Later we headed out in a 4×4 to experience the creatures after dark and enjoyed watching bush baby’s jumping between the trees. Back at camp we sat round the fire and listened to the call of hyena’s in the distance. It was our first really clear night and as we turned our eyes away from the fire, the spectacle of the African sky heavy with millions of dazzling stars, was a breath-taking sight.

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