Day 11 – Ngorongoro Crater and Arusha

A fairly cold start to the day but that was to be expected considering how high up we were.  We slowly drove down into the crater floor.   From below the view was amazing you could quite clearly see the formation of the crater.  Again the first thing we saw this morning were elephants all with young.

And then it happened in the distance we spotted the elusive Black Rhino, but we needed to see it closer and as if on cue it started casually wandering over to our vehicle.  This was all fine we got some great shots, but this Rhino was not a happy one and did not like us being there and so decided to have a little run at our 4×4 needless to say our driver gently moved forward! (Please go to our Facebook page to see video footage of this episode!!/pages/Absolute-Africa/32274217445?v=wall)

We ventured on through the crater floor and not more than 30 minutes later there was the final animal of the Big Five that we had so far failed to see the Leopard, but this was no ordinary encounter because this Leopard also had a cub with her it was an awesome sight!  We continued on through the park and like buses there was another Leopard that came close up to the 4x4s!

So needless to say it was a fabulous game drive this morning but then it was time to head out and back to Arusha for the final night. We arrived back at camp desperate for showers and an ice cold beer, where Aly, Goodluck and Issac were waiting for us with the bbq underway.  We enjoyed slow roasted goat, chicken and a variety of salads aswell as Goodlucks’s extra special pumpkin soup!   Then it was off to the bar to have a few beers and a few shots to celebrate a fabulous time on our trip, for tomorrow it is time for some of us to go home, for others it’s the journey south and for Aly, Issac and Goodluck it is time to start organising another trip as now we join Damien and Dixon southward bound.  So thanks to all the guys on the trip, the crew, the people we have met along the way and the animals we have encountered it has been an awesome experience!!

Happy Travels!!

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