Kenya and Tanzania with Philippa & Stephen on Makako: Days 3 & 4

Day Three

colobusThis morning we had a “little” sleep in with a 7.15am breakkie of pancakes, fruit and toast before we headed off to a local orphanage called Amazing Grace. This was enjoyed by everyone. We played and sang with the kids and time passed far too quickly. We all had an absolute blast with these kids rescued from unimaginable conditions by a “complete Saint” named Margaret.

From Amazing Grace we continued on in our big yellow truck to the shopping mall to stock up on supplies for the next couple of days. A short drive later and we are camping on the shores of Lake Naivasha, the lake at the highest elevation of the Rift Valley and home to over 400 species of bird and huge pods of hippo.

danceclass Naivasha2A few of us went for afternoon tea at Elsamere, home of Elsa the lion and Joy/George Adamson of “Born Free” fame. We watched the black and white colobus monkeys larking around close by (with their awesome hairdos!). The rest of us chilled at the campsite catching up on blogs/laundry/reading etc.

Before a beautiful spag bol cooked courtedance class Naivasha1sy of our chef, we joined in with a group of local Kenyans here for the weekend and tested our African dancing skills…a great way to end a fantastic day exploring more of this beautiful country!


Day Four

hellsgateThis morning it was up at 7.15am for sausage sarnies before some of us headed off to cycle through Hells Gate National Park and others did a guided walk round Crater Lake sanctuary.

Those visiting Hells Gate cycled amongst game and the incredible volcanic landscape before walking through the gorge that was the inspiration behind Mufasa’s death scene in the “Lion King”.

Whilst in Crater Lake we enjoyed the stunning surroundings amongst hartebeast, waterbuck and the odd scary buffalo beforefish naivasha seeing the gorgeous black and white colobus monkeys playing in the trees overhead.

A few of us stayed back and enjoyed a stroll along the shores of Lake Naivasha to get some Talapia fish for dinner tonight. The fish were still breathing when purchased they are so fresh and it’s a very cool experience to eat food directly from where we are camping.

The truck got robbed today……… some cheeky vervet monkeys and poor Gavin and Briana lost their biscuits and apples (but ended up with a cool story to tell!!).

Once everyone was back at camp there was time to relax hippocruiseand recover before we welcomed our new addition to our group, Roland. It was welcomes all round as we all got to know our new group member.

At 5 we headed out on the hippo cruise which was fantastic. Seeing some of the 2, 000 hippo in this freshwater lake up close and personal was a great experience!

Once back from the cruise we enjoyed our Lake Naivasha fish dinner before an early night ready for our exciting trip to the Masai Mara tomorrow!cooking naivasha

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