Kenya and Tanzania with Philippa & Stephen on Makako: Day Six

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Well what a PHENOMENAL day today was!! Setting off through the park gates nice and early we were dubious as to how we could top seeing the big 5 yesterday…We definitely managed it!!!

Heading over to the water’s edge we hopped out the truck and saw a huge pod of hippo splashing, grunting and snorting about, as well as a few huge Nile crocodiles lurking ominously nearby with jaws open.

190f2b6f1709b61448bc53cb351d703dd8d9bf37b0053586878c2fc6e6c210bfFurther on and there was a large pride of about 8 lion being their lazy selves in the sun. It appeared pork was the meat of choice today as we saw baby warthogs being chased by three black-backed jackals. Mum eventually protected them by sitting on top of them!

Continuing further into the park it was two lionesses turn to try for a piggy treat – no luck this time but great to watch.

DSC_2047 copyDSC_2156Next up came the absolute cherry on top of our already impressive day - not only did we have a close, clear few of an absolutely gorgeous big leopard, but also her cub frolicking around.

Mum was teaching baby how to hunt, burrowing inside a nearby den until both produced a baby warthog of their own. Mum wasted no time in enjoying her meal while bub had great fun playing with his food, frolicking and squeaking like a kitten with the warthog bravely fighting back. Mum kept a watchful eye and intervened when the cub squeaked in pain. After about 15 minutes she eventually put the poor baby pumba out of its misery with a powerful snap of her jaws. This was such such a huge highlight and a once in a lifetime viewing. At a loss for words we headed to camp to break for lunch, still unable to believe our insanely good fortune.

50bbb86ffb1a4a7abcd1b651ca72140f07e47a6aeeaad408c9bd4bd7ef3b35d5Returning after lunch we saw elephant, buffalo and then an excellent view of a large black rhino (in the politest way possible his 5th leg was out-of-this-world large!). This meant that we had seen the big 5 for two days running in the Mara – such a treat!


Back to camp as the sun began to set and a hearty dinner around the campfire awaited; excellent spirits all round as we reminisce over just how lucky we have been!

Thank you to Sander Reinders for his fantastic photos of leopard and cub.

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