Days 18 & 19 Crossing the Orange River

Today we were continued further south and stopped within swimming distance of South Africa, literally, as we camped on the edge of the Orange River which marks the border between Namibia and South Africa.

Here we had our first sighting of vineyards which resulted in an early start on our wine tasting part of the tour!

Next morning, with a few sore heads, we ventured across the river and entered South Africa our final country. Despite some very particular customs staff we finally got through the border and continued on with our journey south.

After a brief pit-stop in the town of Springbok, we headed into the Cedarberg Mountains and some serious wine country. Not a bad spot for Verena’s Birthday…….. So let the wine tasting begin……… Yes it was a good night for all, dancing……, wine……, games…., wine….., swimming….. wine……, birthday cake……, sleep!!!

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