Victoria Falls over New Years, Day 48 and 49

The Victoria Fall on the Zambezi River are located on the boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia and are a major highlight on the trip.   It is where you do those crazy adrenaline activities that can scare the pants off you.  Such things at white water rafting, bungee jumping, gorge swings, devils pool, abseiling, helicopter flights, micro lights and the list goes on and on.  People come to the Falls to do many activities that make them squeal like a little girl.  However the falls itself is a spectacular sight.

The first westerner to discover the falls and name it after Queen Victoria was the famous explorer and geographer Dr David Livingstone.  His name appears throughout the areas he travelled, Livingstone Road, Livingstone Town, Livingstonia, etc. etc.  The man got around and was quite popular with the local tribes and his legacy can be seen regularly in our travels of this area.  His passion was for Africa and the continent eventually took his life.  This man was loved by the people and before this body was sent back to England his heart was buried in the earth of Africa where his passion lied.

There is no better way to finish a year than to do something that will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.  So for a few of us the best thing to do was the Devils pool or Devils arm chair.  At this time of the year, when the water level on the Zambezi is on the increase it is a harrowing experience.  Why? The water is getting higher and the current stronger and it is challenging just to get out to the pool. And once sitting on the pools edge you spend all your time holding on to the rock so you don’t get sucked over the edge and change your Devils pool experience into a once in a lifetime bungee jump from 111m high with no bungee cord!   We all made it back with a few extra grey hairs and were all grateful that the experience was over.  It is once in a life time stuff and exactly what is needed to complete a year in the most fulfilling way.  It also makes that cold beer taste like you really deserve it.

Did I mention New Years Eve?  Victoria Falls town was heaving when we got there.  A 2 day music festival was organised starting from the 30th Dec and finishing in the early hours of the 1st Jan 2011.  And yes we were part of that celebration and wasn’t it a blast.  After spending a day either being flipped around on a raft on the mighty Zambezi river,  jumping off a cliff for a little swing,  or hanging at the edge of the falls in a pool, the festival was a final bonus at the end of  a great day.  However what happens on a New Years Eve stays in the memories of those who were there and all I can say is there were some laughs, hugs and experiences that will remain with us for some time.  Happy New Year guys!!!

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to more of our friends, Carl, Debs, Christine and Annie.  Enjoy the rest of your travels and for those Kiwis,  I’ll see you in NZ when Australia wins the Rugby World Cup!  Cheers guys.   We also welcomed 5 new people who joined us in Vic Falls.

Tip of the Day: You should never repeat what happens at a NYE celebration!

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