Fish River Canyon, Day 66

If you were a geologist, Fish River Canyon would be your heaven.  This place has been around for a long, long time.  We may look into the canyon and say, ‘Nice view’. A geologist would see a story unfold and be able to tell us what happen over a few millennia.   Now, when we say a few, we would be starting about 2500 million years ago.  Today, as we look at the final product it is hard to fully appreciate how long it took to produce this wonder of Namibia.

The canyon has been gouged out, refilled and gouged out again. It has had tectonic movement, volcanic action and once been a sea. The last bit of erosion is what we see today, the Fish River running through and still eroding away at the substraight. It is the second biggest Canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon, over 500m at its deepest point and a superb place to watch the sun go down.

As we appreciate the view we had a few glasses of chilled wine or beer, and gorged ourselves on food prepared at the canyons edge. The guys wondered off and took photos of the canyon from different points and enjoyed the view as the sun went down over the western edge and the moon peered over the eastern horizon.

Even the toilets here have spectacular views of thus geological marvel.  The only issue today was the damn heat.  It was still a cracking 41°C at 6pm in the afternoon.   It was also the last night for one of our guys and we said farewell with a cold beer or two.  We wish Pieter all the best in his travels though West Africa.

Pieter wore the chain of shame today.

Tip of the Day: Ice, iceblock, ice-cream, ice cold drinks, anything with ice!!

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