Queen Elizabeth National Park, Day 15 and 16

As Nakuru National Park is famed for its Rhino, Queen Elizabeth National Park or QENP is famed for its Hippo.  You would have to be blind not to see a hippo in this park.  It is a guarantee! The best way to see these animals is on a game cruise.  The cruise travels in a channel between Lake Edward and Lake George and is said to have the highest density of hippos anywhere in Africa.   Here it’s hippo’s and buffalo are often seen mingling together at the lake shoreline.

To end a day in QENP is best done by have sun downers at the Mweya Lodge, where warthogs eat grass at your feet and striped mongoose catch their last insects for the day as the sun goes down over the lake.  Who says overlanding is all about roughing it?

Our night is spent inside the park in our tents listening to the symphony of hippo grunts, a cacophony of hyena woops and completed with a crescendo of lion roars.  It all makes for an entertaining night’s “sleep”.

The following morning started slowly but our patients were rewarded when we stumbled into a breeding herd of elephants.   These elephants differ from those we had seen in Kenya as they were forest elephants, normally only found in West Africa but pushed over into the park from DRC.   These elephants are smaller than the savannah elephants, a little darker and with different shaped tusks.   The focus was the very young elephants suckling on their mothers teats.  A lovely end to our time in this Park.

Chain of shame Renato (Day 15) &  Cheryl (Day 16)

Tip of the day: Hippos prefer to eat in the darkness of night because they are conscience about their weight.

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