Antelope Park, Day 44 and 45

Why go to the Antelope Park?  Are people really that interested in looking at Kudu, Impala, Zebra and Wildebeests?  Not really!   The real reason we head there is because it doesn’t really focus on Antelope at all.   It is home to more than 90 lions of all ages and genders.  The Antelope Park is committed to the conservation of lions and they have been breeding these impressive animals for the reintroduction into the wild for many years. However it is not at all about the wonderful work they are doing for the species.   There are activities held here that cannot be done anywhere else in the world.   Lion walks, lion feeding, cub viewing, cub feeding, lion encounters (to observe lions hunting), lion breeding, elephant training, elephant rides, horse rides, game drives and rides, bird watching, canoeing, fishing……it just goes on and on……..

So in answer to “what do people do here?” . . . . . . . they do EVERYTHING!   From starting at 4am in the morning and finishing at 6 to 7pm at night it is a busy day and a half that we spend here and from the expressions on their faces well worth the time and effort.

What are some of the real highlights? Hard to say, but having 9 four year old male lions charging towards you fighting off their brethren and getting within inches of you is quite exhilarating.  Especially when there is only a cyclone wire fence to separate you from the lions as they sprint more than 100 metres in seconds, it is hard to not take a step back when they finally get to the food.

Or, maybe a lion encounter?  Watching lions in the early morning trying to make a kill on the free roaming animals in the park is a unique experience.  Unfortunately we did not get the opportunity to see a kill but that did not stop the heart from racing when we watched 3 lion’s stalk and chase zebra and wildebeest.  Not a bad effort for lions not even 2 years of age and an awesome experience.

Or, is it the walking with lions?  Getting within millimetres of lions up to 18 months old and weighing more than 100kg.   Did I say millimetres? Sorry, you get much closer, you sit next to them and pat them to get that memorable photograph with only a stick and a couple of guides to control them.

There is just so much to go on about at Antelope Park. Whatever people did do in the park it surely gave people the best possible opportunities to get some amazing photos and have some unique experiences. Truly an amazing time had by all.

Tip of the Day: Don’t be afraid just do it!

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