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West African Ebola Update 01/09/14

There continues to be regular media updates in regards to the ebola outbreak in West Africa, and we want to assure our clients that our trips have been in no way affected.

The countries impacted are in West and Central Africa, a considerable distance from where the tours operate. The majority of reported incidences are over 5,000 km away from Kenya, and travel options apart from flying are very limited to move from West Africa through to East Africa.

Ebola is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. It isn't an airborne disease making contamination possible only through direct physical contact. Whilst there may be a very few isolated incidents outside the affected areas, the incidences are regularly people who have had direct contact with an ebola sufferer. Tragically doctors, nurses and medical carers, and family members are typically those who have contracted the disease.

There are NO current reported incidences in the East or Southern African countries where we are traveling and these countries are taking extensive measures to prevent the disease, as are Western countries. The medical facilities in East and Southern African countries do have control procedures in place to cope with any concerns, and airlines are also taking preventative measures including bans on travelers arriving in from affected countries, as well as health checks at major airports

Our travellers' health and safety are always top priority and we will remain very attentive to this issue. Please feel free to call or email if you have any other queries about this or any other aspect of your tour.

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (08/08/14)

Following the recent serious and upsetting outbreaks of ebola in parts of West Africa, travellers should be aware that none of our destinations have been affected.

The outbreaks are in the countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia where the World Health Organisation and other international organisations including Medecins Sans Frontiers are now operating to curb the spread of the disease.

Ebola is a rare virus that is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. As this the case whilst there may be a very few isolated incidents outside the affected areas, spread through travel, this is likely to be isolated to people who have had direct contact with an ebola sufferer including doctors and family members.

The countries impacted are in West Africa, thousands of kilometres away from where tours operate in East and Southern Africa.

All countries that we operate in, including East African countries such as Kenya and Uganda are taking extensive measures to prevent the disease, as are Western countries. The medical facilities in East and Southern African countries have control procedures in place to cope with any concerns, and airlines are also taking preventative measures.

Our travellers health and safety are always top priority and do feel feel free to call or email us if you have any concerns in regards to this issue.

Security Update, Kenya (10/07/14)

While there continues to be some incidents in Kenya, we would like to reassure travellers to East Africa that the safari and overland circuit remains unaffected. The incidents that have been in the news recently are extremely targeted away from any of the areas visited on our trips, and tourists have not been involved in these recent incidents.
Kenya is a large country, the size of France, and the FCO travel warnings relate to very specific and mainly quite isolated areas to the north and on the Coast. These incidents are part of an on-going issue dating back to 2012, and while concerning for all involved, the trips are not affected by these events. Security and safety is our upmost concern, and we will continue to monitor the situation on the ground very closely.

Security update, Kenya (16/5/14)

Following ongoing concerns in specific areas of Kenya, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has adjusted their non essential travel warning to include sections of the Kenyan Coast near Mombasa.

To put this in perspective there have been some ongoing sporadic whilst upsetting attacks on buses targeting small local bus routes particularly, as well as markets, and particularly along one stretch of road on the Kenyan coast. These incidences date back to 2012 and are linked to the Al-Shabab terrorist group who were behind the Westgate Incident.

Security in all tourism establishments within Nairobi and Mombasa remains high.

To confirm on the tours we do not travel to areas mentioned as extreme high risk. The suburb of Eastleigh where there have been particular issues is the opposite side of town from where we stay and visit in Nairobi.

Day to day all continues to operate smoothly, calmly and peacefully on all routes for the tours. All truck trips from Nairobi through the Great Rift Valley area are not affected.

Diani Beach is not affected by the change in travel advice to the Kenyan coast. Please note Ukunda Airport is now the airport to use to visit the Kenyan coast as it isn't possible to access from Mombasa Airport with the current advisory.

In line with the Foreign Office Travel Advice and reports from the ground we will continue to exercise caution as to where we travel and visit, and as well stay in close touch with our contacts in Kenya, monitoring particularly closely the section of the trips travelling through Kenya.

Problems with Hotmail accounts (4/2/14)

It has come to light that in the last few months we have been struggling on and off to get correspondence through to some Hotmail addresses.

If you email on a hotmail address to ensure you receive your email we are currently in the main sending out emails from a temporary hotmail account unless we have had very regular contact. We apologise for any inconvenience, duplications emails, and any delay in our response times caused by this current situation.

Keeping good communications with our valued customers is so important to us and we appreciate your patience if you have been affected by this. Hotmail are assuring us the problem should be resolved very soon, if not already.

If you do feel you are waiting for an email from us though do please contact us and let us know. The emails sent that never got through were never bounced back to us, so we have no way of knowing what was and wasn't received.

Thanks for your help and cooperation with this


London Adventure Travel Show (2/1/14)

Absolute Africa is exhibiting at the Olympia London Adventure Travel show on the 25-26 January 2014. www.adventureshow.com We look forward to meeting everyone to discuss their Africa travel plans from advice on climbing Kilimanjaro, and beach breaks on Zanzibar to overland tours and safari Karibuni!

TNT Show

New Brochure 2014 - 2015 (21/01/14)

Our 2014 - 2015 brochure is due out very soon showing all the tours we currently do. Many of the tours are going up in price so get in fast ahead of these if you can.

Christmas opening hours (24/12/13)

We are open the following hours over xmas

Christmas Eve:9-2pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 9-1pm
27th December: 9-5pm
28th December: 9-4pm
30th December: 9 - 6pm
31st December: 9 -2pm
1st January: Closed
2nd January: 9-6pm

During the festive season in case of emergency please contact

00 255 688740796 or 00 44 7973 319660

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Absolute Africa

London Travel Show (28/9/13)

Once again we're back at London's biggest free travel show. On the 28th September, at The Business Design Centre, Islington, london. Come and join us there where we will be exhibiting our Safari's, to get great discounts, heaps of information and travel advice for over-landing in Africa.
Go to www.tnttravelshow.com to register for your free tickets.

Westgate Mall Incident, Nairobi (22/9/13)

We stand with all our Kenyan staff and friends and our thoughts go out to all those affected by yesterday's tragic event at the Westgate Mall. We commend the resolution and bravery being shown at this difficult time.

All tours in East Africa are travelling safely and happily.

Fire at JKIA Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi (7/8/13)

Due to the situation on the ground at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport all clients about to fly to Nairobi please contact your airline as a priority as to the current status of your flight departure

Nairobi JKIA Fire update

Atta Memo: Kenya, Nairobi Airport Fire Update 3

Great news as partial operations at JKIA will commence this evening as follows:

1. Cargo flights scheduled to depart today from JKIA will depart this evening.
2. Departure and arrival of domestic flights will commence this evening.
3. The airport emergency operations team is working round the clock to prepare Units 2 & 3 for arrival and departure of international flights as soon as possible.

From the Statement by Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Eng. Michael Kamau

Live updates on Atta's social media pages Twitter and Facebook.

KQ Update on flights Nairobi airport following fire

The flight schedule for above is as below:-

KQ 614 NBO-MSA 1900HRS 2000HRS
KQ 615 MSA-NBO 2115HRS 2215HRS
KQ 616 NBO-MSA 2330HRS 0030HRS
KQ617 MSA-NBO 2130HRS 2230HRS

We wish to confirm that flight KQ 113 from Paris Charles De Gaulle airport will be diverted to Mombasa with an estimated arrival time of 2345hrs. In addition, flights from London (KQ101), and from Bangkok (KQ887) will arrive in Nairobi tomorrow morning as scheduled, and will be processed through the domestic terminal.

All other flight schedules will be advised in due course.

The next update will be at 1800hrs.

For more information please call our contact center on +254711024747/+254734104747/+254 20 3274747

Dr Titus Naikuni
Group Managing Director and CEO
Kenya Airways
August 7, 2013

SAA Update on JKIA Nairobi flights

If you were to travel today on SAA flight, flight number SA 185, you should NOT to proceed to the airport as it is out of bound. SAA will advise in the course of the day on the available flight which we will put you on once we are briefed by Kenya Airports Authority when the JKIA operations will resume. #jkiafire

Nairobi Flight Info update (8/8/13)

Atta Daily News for 08 August 2013

Kenya Airways Re-book Policy
The following voluntary re-book options may be offered to customers ticketed to/from/via NBO from Wednesday 7th Aug until 9th Aug 2013. Change of Travel Dates Customers may re-schedule their travel, using the following guidelines: · Applicable to all travel from today 7th Aug 13 until Fri 09th Aug 13  the original duration of stay may be preserved. · All penalties/change fees may be waived, even if required by the ticketed fare basis. ·

SAA cancel or reschedule conditions
SAA advise passengers wishing to cancel or reschedule their flights to take note of the following conditions. All customers with SAA tickets who are affected by the Nairobi flight cancellations will be offered the following assistance either via Call Centres, City Ticket Offices, and Airport Ticket Offices or through their Travel Agent:  rebooking on the next available flight (same cabin / same booking class) subject to space;  all date and flight change fees will be waved.

Nairobi Flight Info update (8/8/13)

8th Update: Kenya Airways Releases Schedule of local flights for Thursday 8th August 2013
August 7, 2013 at 9:50pm

8th Update: Kenya Airways Releases Schedule of local flights for Thursday 8th August 2013

Kenya Airways would like to announce to its customers and general public of our schedule of flights for tomorrow, Thursday, August 8, 2013 to and from Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Eldoret international airports.

The local flights will operate from the Cargo terminal following the shortage of airport facilities after todays fire destroyed most of the facilities in the main terminal building. All efforts have been made to ensure a seamless processing of all departing passengers. Only passengers with confirmed tickets will be accommodated in tomorrows flights as we do not have a ticketing service for tomorrows flights.

The limited operating schedule for domestic flights between Mombasa and Nairobi is as follows:

Nairobi-Mombasa Departure Time Mombasa-Nairobi Departure Time
(local time) (local time)

KQ602 0830 hours KQ621 0600 hours

KQ604 0930 hours KQ625 0900 hours

KQ606 1200 hours KQ603 1010 hours

KQ608 1530 hours KQ605 1110 hours

KQ610 1630 hours KQ1623 1200 hours

KQ612 1730 hours KQ607 1340 hours

KQ614 1900 hours KQ609 1710 hours

KQ611 1805 hours

KQ613 1910 hours

KQ615 2040 hours

Other Domestic Flights:

Flight No. Destination Departure Time (Kenyan)

KQ671 Kisumu-Nairobi 0800 hours

KQ650 Nairobi-Kisumu 0900 hours

KQ651 Kisumu-Nairobi 1035 hours

KQ652 Nairobi-Kisumu 1430 hours

KQ655 Kisumu-Nairobi 1605 hours

KQ660 Nairobi-Eldoret 1300 hours

KQ661 Eldoret-Nairobi 1435 hours

KQ760 (Delayed) to Johannesburg:

This flight will depart Nairobi at 0830 hours Kenyan time carrying passengers with confirmed tickets to Johannesburg for 7th and 8th August, 2013.

Flight No. Destination Departure Time (Kenyan)

KQ762 Johannesburg 0830 hours

Other Departing International Flights:

Flight No. Destination Departure Time (Kenyan)

PW 750 (Precision Air) Mwanza 1100 hours

PW710 (Precision Air) Dar-Es-Salaam via Zanzibar 1115hours

KQ412 Entebbe 1630 hours

KQ482 Dar-Es-Salaam 1700 hours

KQ202 Bombay 1805 hours

KQ310 Dubai 1920 hours

KQ112 Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 2245 hours

KQ102 London Heathrow 0045 hours

The morning flight from Entebbe to Nairobi, KQ419, will depart Entebbe International Airport at 0800 hours.
All other flights remain suspended until further notice.

Further updates will be advised in due course.

For more information please call our Contact Centre on +254711024747/+254734104747/+254 20 3274747

Dr Titus Naikuni

Group Managing Director and CEO
Kenya Airways
August 7, 2013

2013-8-8 Nairobi ( JKIA) flights update

Atta Memo: International flights at JKIA

Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow to Nairobi this evening will depart at 20:00 hours

Kenya Airways flight KQ102 from Nairobi to London Heathrow will depart this evening will depart at 23:59 hours

Kenya Airways: Schedule for 8th August 2013.
British Airways flight BA0064 from Nairobi to London Heathrow at 23:15 hours has been cancelled on 8th August 2013.

British Airways: to and from Nairobi
Emirates flights EK719/EK720 on 8th August have been cancelled.

Emirates Re-booking
Etihad Airways flight EY642 from Nairobi to Abu Dhabi at 1425 hours has been cancelled.

Etihad Airways Bookings
Passengers on Qatar Airways flight QR533 from Nairobi to Doha at 1655 hours today are being transferred from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro this morning to depart on their flight

Qatar Airways

South African Airways (SAA) has also cancelled today's flights between Johannesburg and Nairobi.

SAA cancel or reschedule conditions

Turkish Airways flight TK608 to Istanbul has been cancelled on 8th August 2013.

Nairobi Airport Update (10/08/13)

The good news is that flights are landing with regularity at Jomo Kenyatta and the backlog is slowly being cleared up. It's amazing that the airport has been re-opened so soon after the incident but for those landing soon be aware that the queues will be long and their won't be much space with all the bodies coming through. It's recommended that you bring a bag full of patience and another trunk full of good humour!

Yellow Fever vaccination shortage (12/9/13)

We are receiving reports that there is currently a worldwide shortage of yellow fever vaccinations. This situation is likely to continue until January 2014. Certain clinics are only issuing vaccines for people travelling to yellow fever hotspots within a month of departure. Other clinics are advising that if you are travelling between now and the New Year you should not leave your yellow fever vaccination to the last minute. By early next week there should be more information about whether a solution has been found to this problem. In the mean time, please consult your doctor or travel specialist for more information or feel free to give us a call.

Heri ya Pasaka, wishing all a happy Easter. (28/3/13)

Happy Easter to all from Absolute Africa

Yellow Fever Card for Kenya (16/7/13)

Flight passengers travelling to Nairobi require a yellow fever card, if you do not have one you risk being denied boarding at the airport.

Please note this only applies from infected countries within Africa and more importantly if at any point you touch South Africa in your routing from an infected country. So for example you would not need a certificate London to Nairobi or London to Lusaka, but would need one flying from Nairobi to Johannesburg (unless in transit) and then on to London at a later date.

Zanzibar Airport exit tax amendment (11/7/13)

From July 5th 2013 Zanzibar airport have raised their airport exit tax to $48.00. This is affective immediately.

This will need to be paid in USD so you will need to make sure you have $48 available.

Zimbabwe elections (01/08/13)

So far proceedings around the elections in Zimbabwe appear to be progressing calmly. We have had 3 of our trucks passing through Zim around the end of July incident free. In the highly unlikely event that there was any political instabilities we can reroute our trips to avoid central areas of Zimbabwe if needs be. At the same time we have no reason to believe there will be issues at this stage. Game parks such as South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia can be visited as alternatives, and the Victoria Falls visited from Livingstone, Zambia. We wish the people of Zimbabwe the very best at this time.

London Adventure Travel Show (15/1/13)

Absolute Africa will be exhibiting at the Adventure Travel Show and our clients are entitled to tickets for £4 in advance (saving £6 off the door price) - tickets can be purchased at www.adventureshow.com or on 0871 230 7159 and the discount will be applied when quoting ABSOLUTEAFRICA.We look forward to seeing you and help in planning your African Adventure.

Kenyan Election (04/03/13)

The Kenyan people go to the polls on 4th March. This is the first election under the new constitution.

In consideration of how events played out in the 2007 election and the ongoing political concerns since, we are watching the situation on the ground very closely with the assistance of our crew and local operators in Kenya.

There has been no concerns reported over the last few weeks on the tourist route. That being said the safety and security of our groups is our priority and in consequence we are making some slight pre-cautionary adjustments to current tours in Kenya.

If you have any queries in regards to the election do feel free to get in touch with the London office.

TNT Travel Show 2013 (09/03/13)

We are attending the TNT Travel show on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March at the Business Design Centre, Islington.

Join us at stand #30 to discuss an adventure of a lifetime at unbeatable prices.

The Chiswick office will be closed that weekend.

Zanzibar Ferry (19/7/12)

At least 63 people are known to have died tragically when a Zanzibar passenger ferry capsized yesterday, 18th July.

None of our tours were in the area at the time.

Our thoughts are with those who are waiting to hear news or have lost loved ones in this tragic accident.

Ebola in Uganda (31/7/12)

The media is currently reporting on an Ebola outbreak in Uganda.

The Ugandan Ministry of Health, with the World Heath Organisation and Medecins Sans Frontieres, is currently working very hard to contain the epidemic.  

Ebola is only transmitted through physical contact with the infection. It is not airborne. The risk of travellers contracting ebola is low as long as you remember to avoid contact with blood and bodily fluids of an affected person or animal or any equipment that have come into contact with the virus.  

For those vehicles travelling through Uganda the crew will establish strict guidelines in line with Ugandan Health Authorities. We would advise everyone travelling through Uganda to remain vigilent with regards to personal hygiene.

Kenya security (2/8/12)

Concerns about international terrorism are unfortunately a fact of life and an ongoing issue faced by travellers globally.

Kenya is the starting point for a large number of our safaris. The British Foreign Office and similar international government bodies continue to warn against non essential travel to certain areas of Kenya - within 60 km of the Somali border, to Garissa district and to low income areas of Nairobi, including all township or slum areas. The purpose of the advice is very much to ensure that people are on alert and take care in high risk areas.

To confirm on the tours we do not travel to areas mentioned as extreme high risk ie to the border areas with Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia, nor do we go to the slum areas of Nairobi. Current safaris are travelling to the Kenyan highlights safely and securely with the usual ongoing care going into all arrangements on the trips. Please note too we have changed our itineraries to avoid high profile Nairobi restaurants and are instead visiting smaller more local restaurants.

Update as to Ebola Outbreak in Uganda 21/8/2012

KAMPALA  Officials say Uganda's ebola outbreak is now under control. All suspected and confirmed cases have been isolated.
The outbreak which killed 16 people does not appear to have moved beyond the Kibale District and trained health workers are continuing to travel through Kibale District to search for any additional patients who have not reported to health centers.

The WHO didn't issue any travel warning restricting travel. All our vehicles in the meantime travelling through Uganda will establish strict health and personal hygiene guidelines in line with the Ugandan Health Authorities.

TNT Show October 2012 (25/10/12)

We are attending the TNT Travel show on Saturday 27th October at the Business Design Centre, Islington.

Join us at stand #30 to discuss an adventure of a lifetime at unbeatable prices.

The Chiswick office will be closed this Saturday.

Zanzibar - Our thoughts are with you (12/09/11)

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones in the Zanzibar ferry disaster in the early hours of Saturday morning. Rescue teams which included our friends at Scuba Do worked tirelessly to save so many lives - we're so proud of you!

Telephone Lines - Update (15/09/11)

15/09/11 - We're very pleased to say the landline fault has been fixed.

14/09/11 - Our main landlines to the London office are currently faulty. Some calls are getting through and and we're waiting for the engineers to come and attend to the fault. In the interim we can also be contacted on mobile +447973319660. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Kenyan Safety Concerns (04/11/11)

There has sadly over the last two months been security issues in Kenya. These have been in the main concentrated in Kenyas northern and northern coastal regions.

We can reassure those travelling with us in Kenya that our itineraries do not visit these areas which are in fact a very considerable distance from where we tour. Day to day in Kenya we are travelling on the road in peaceful game reserves and small local towns and campsites which are away from places where there is a likelihood for any concern. We follow British Foreign Office Travel Advisory guidelines as to where we travel & how we behave day to day. For each safari departure, relevant advisories as to particular places to avoid are heeded, and travelling day to day we always rely on our many and close contacts as well for further local information.

Concerns about international terrorism are unfortunately a fact of life in many countries around the world and remain an on-going concern for travellers wherever one might travel. Kenya is very aware of the potential impact on its economy and its reputation as a secure destination for visitors in the light of such events. The government and tourist bodies, with much outside support, are working closely with stake holders to ensure safety and security at tourist facilities and as well as peace and security across the country for the Kenyan people.

TNT Travel Show 2012 (17/1/12)

Absolute Africa will have a stand at this year's TNT Travel Show, so make sure you drop in and see us!
It's all happening at Earls Court Exhibition Centre on the 3rd March 2012, from 9am. We will be at Stand 20. See ya there!!

New brochure coming soon...(16/1/2012)

Our new brochure will be out in the next few weeks with new prices. Significant increased costs in operating are forcing us to increase many of the tour prices. Book now to get 2011 prices!

Golden Backpack Awards - Favourite Africa Tour Operator (October 2012)

Check it out! Absolute Africa were lucky enough to win the award for favourite Africa tour operator at the TNT Golden Backpack Awards! Thanks to everyone who voted for us! www.goldenbackpackawards.co.uk/winners-2012

South Africa & Zambia - Yellow fever vaccination update (01/06/11)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revised the Yellow Fever vaccination recommendations for Africa. Travellers from South Africa to Zambia and travellers from Zambia to South Africa will now require proof of the Yellow Fever vaccination.

In-transit passengers, irrespective of the time period in-transit, will still require proof of the vaccination. Clients going from Zimbabwe to Zambia for a day for activities will need a yellow fever certificate if they are then heading to South Africa.

The new ruling apparently comes into effect immediately, but the policy will be finalised and publicly announced by the end of this month accordingly to the South African Health Department. They have however, recommended that travelers to and from Zambia begin to get this vaccination immediately.

You will be required to have the vaccination a minimum of 10 days before arrival & the vaccination is valid for 10 years. If you will be arriving in Zambia sooner than 10 days from now, you will be able to get the vaccination in country but we recommend you having the vaccination in your home country before travelling if possible.

Vaccinations are available in Livingstone at US$80 and Victoria Falls at US$50 per person.

New Year holiday opening times 30/12/11

We will be closed on Monday 2nd January, but open for business as usual from Tuesday 3rd January!

Server down for maintenance (10/2/2012)

Just to let you all know at 22.00GMT tonight (10th February) our server is getting some work done, so our website will be down for a few hours. It will be back up and running on Saturday morning.

Gorilla permit - Passports needed (20/2/2012)

The Rwandan authorities are now requesting that all those trekking the mountain gorillas provide a clear scan of their passport. If you are trekking from June onwards please be aware that we will need this. Emails are being send to clients booked on these tours to this effect. Thanks for your co-operation.

Gorilla permit price rise (7/2/12)

The price for gorilla permits for treks in Rwanda will rise by 250 USD on the 1st June, 2012. To ensure we have adequate permits bought on the correct dates so that itineraries stay on schedule permits need to be bought well in advance. We would remind anyone that does want to see this very special primate to secure a trekking permit at the earliest to ensure you don't miss out.

TNT Travel show this Saturday 3rd March! (1/3/12)

We will be at the TNT travel show this Saturday 3rd March at stand 20! come say hi, ask some questions and get a great deal! Look forward to seeing you all there!

New E-Brochure (12/3/2012)

Hey Guys. Check out our new online E-brochure.

2012 Easter Opening hours (5/4/12)

Good Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: Open 09.30am - 04.00pm
Easter Sunday: CLOSED
Easter Monday:CLOSED
Tuesday: Open as per usual

Kilimanjaro NZ - Climbing for Christchurch (05/04/11)

Following the Christchurch Earthquake on 22nd Feb, a team of New Zealander's (and friends) in London were feeling helpless as they watched the unbearable events unfold and wanted to do something to help.

They've decided to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa highest Mountain, in August 2011 to raise money for the Christchurch Earthquake Fund. They aim to raising £5895 (the height of kilimanjaro in metres) to help the Christchurch and it's people.

Absolute Africa are privileged to be a part of this fantastic event. We are working with the expedition co-ordinator Chris Flack, and our chief Guide Samson Lauwo and his team look forward to taking the group to the summit. Samson is the grandson of the famous Kinyala Mzee Lauwo who led Hans Mayer the first European to summit Kilimanjaro in 1889.

There are still a few spaces left on the expedition so if you would like to join this worthwhile challenge, or would like to offer them your support, visit kilimanjaronz.com/about/

Office hours during April holiday weekends (21/04/11)

Our London Office opening hours over the holiday weekends in April will be as follows:-
Fri 22nd April - closed
Sat 23rd April - open 10am to 2pm
Mon 25th April - closed
Fri 29th April - closed
Sat 30th April - open 9am to 4pm
Mon 2nd May - closed
We will be checking both email and the answering machine over this period, so please feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Rwanda reduces visa cost to US$30 (17/08/11)

In a bid to further increase tourism to the country, Rwanda has reduced their visa costs from US$60 to US$30 for single entry visas.

19th March TNT Travel show 2011 (07/03/11)

We are attending the TNT Travel show on Saturday the 19th March in the Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

Come join us on stand B40 to discuss an adventure of a lifetime.

New Brochure & Web Edits (10/03/11)

Our 2011/2012 brochure is hot off the press and the e-brochure is available online.

We are currently updating areas of the website and the downloadable .pdfs to come in line with updates in the new brochure, please bear with us and we will get them back up as soon as possible.

Enjoy the brochure! www.mpldigital.com/absolute-africa/magazine

Kenyan visa cost reduction extended till 1st July 11 (11/03/11)

It had been expected that the reduced visa fee of US$25, brought in two years ago, would revert back to US$50 in January 2011.

We are however happy to advise that Kenya have confirmed that they have extended the reduced visa cost of US$25 until 1st July 11.

A Kenyan representative has said it was likely that the fee would go back up to US$50 after 1st July 11, but that this was under review.

Zimbabwe introduces Airport Departure Tax (11/03/11)

Zimbabwean Authorities are planning to introduce a new airport tax, with the intended use of the funds being for the upgrading of all airports.

The tax will be charged at US$30 and comes into effect for all air bookings ticketed as from 1st April 2011.

Zanzibar - All Visitors required to have valid Yellow Fever Certificate (02/02/11)

The Ministry of Health in Zanzibar has warned that following a severe outbreak of yellow fever in Northern Uganda, ALL visitors to Zanzibar will be required to present a valid yellow fever certificate of vaccination on entry.

All clients visiting Zanzibar need to be absolutely sure that they take their valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate with them.

There's a glitch in the matrix...(17/2/11)

Unfortunately there has been a problem at our website domain registry that has caused problems with our website function over the last 24 hours. Some emails may have been affected by this DNS issue as well.

If you haven't received an answer to an email it may well be that your message has not got through to us. Please feel free to resend and we will get back to you at the soonest. We have been told the fault is resolved. Apologies if your message has got caught in this technical glitch.

Yellow Fever outbreak in Uganda (30/12/10)

Several cases of Yellow Fever have been reported from remote parts of Northern Uganda. Medical personel have been dispatched to the area to contain the spread of the mosquito-borne disease and to vaccinate the affected population.

The outbreak area is sufficiently far away from the countrys national parks and other tourism attractions that there is no immediate danger to tourists already in country or expected to visit in coming days. It is however very important that visitors to Uganda do have a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate for their own protection, as well as for being asked at entry points to produce a current document.

Once the vaccination has been administered, it normally lasts for up to 10 years before requiring a new shot.

Weather disrupts travel again - Airports Update (19/12/10)

Heathrow Airport will not accept any arrivals today and will only manage a handful of departures as they continue to deal with the impacts of yesterday's bad weather.

Heathrow's northern runway remains clear, however due to the significant build up of ice around the planes on the 200 parking stands, the airfield has to remain closed until it is safe to move planes around. They hope this course of action will allow them to offer a fuller service to passengers and airlines using Heathrow tomorrow.

Gatwick's runway is open today and operations are gradually returning to normal. Knock-on delays and cancellations are however likely throughout the day so they are advising passengers to check directly with their airline to confirm the status of flights.

Absolute Africa clients travelling on trips departing in the next few days are once again advised to check your flight status with your airline and to and allow extra time for your journey as the roads and rail network may be affected.

In the event that you are delayed a friendly reminder to use the numbers on your booking voucher to alert us. We can then adjust your taxi and accommodation as needed to ensure all runs as smoothly as possible for you on your arrival into the tropics!

Zambia - Airport Security Tax Imposed (18/01/11)

The National Airports Corporation Zambia has introduced a security charge effective 1st Jan 2011

The security tax for international departures is US$5 and is NOT included in the ticket price. It is payable in at the same desk where the US$25 departure tax is paid. Payment for both taxes must be in US$ cash.

The Security tax will eventually be included in tickets but as of now the above procedure has to be undertaken. The charge applies on all international flights regardless of where the tickets were issued or the date of issue.

The security charge and departure tax on domestic Zambian flights are US$3 and US$8 respectively.

The implementation of this is currently causing long lines at the Zambian airports and passengers are therefore advised to check in at least 3 hours before departure.

What wildlife do you most want to see?

So you are planning a trip to Africa, invariably one point that you will be pondering is what animals you are likely to see. Elephant, lion, cheetah and giraffe are possibly the most spoken about of Africas wildlife but they represent a tiny fragment of the fauna that this magnificent continent has to offer. All our safaris afford you fantastic game viewing opportunities, so before you book its just a question of establishing exactly which safari is most likely to fulfil you particular wildlife wish list.

The Classic Safari incorporates the best of East and Southern Africas national parks. Each of the seven countries covered are home to all of Africas Big Five (elephant, lion, cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros). Hippos, crocodile, zebra, baboons, warthogs and a host of antelope and smaller mammals such as the delightful banded mongoose are also found throughout, whilst cheetah and giraffe are found everywhere except Malawi. If you think that is IT you are mistaken . . . . a trip to Africa is not complete without sightings of some of its birdlife. Multicoloured birds such as kingfishers, roller-birds and sunbirds are magnificent jewels in the African bush, and the sight of the pink, flamingo-rimmed Lake Nakuru has been described by ornithologists as the most fabulous bird spectacle in the world.

You might be thinking the Classic safari offers it all, but the Absolute Safari offers even more. It incorporates Uganda and Rwanda, where on the misty slopes of the Virunga mountains we visit the last remaining habitat of the endangered mountain gorilla. Trekking to see the mountain gorillas may seem pricey, but the money generated is desperately needed to protect the gorillas and the experience is worth every penny and more!

Truck equipment update 1

From January 2010 we have been bringing in sleeping mats on our overland trucks. So all bookings from 1st January 2010 are now able to sleep on our 2inch thick high density foam mats.
We are hoping that by the 1st June all of our trucks will be fully equipped with enough sleeping mats for everyone!

If you are travelling on a trip before June and you would like to use one of our sleeping mats, give us call to double check there is a mat available for you on your truck.

Truck Equipment Update 2

We've also been busy improving the charging facilities on all the vehicles. New 600 watt Intelligent Power Inverters that convert 24v DC to AC mains electricity (220-240v) are being fitted.

These should prove sufficient to charge all of your camera, phone, i-pod and video equipment and allow you to plug into a three pin socket.

Uganda World Cup Blasts in Kampala

You may have been aware that as reported in the news there were two bomb blasts in Kampala during the final of the World Cup on Sunday night, which is a tragedy for the people of Kampala and all of Uganda.

This recent event should be seen as part of a much larger and complex global problem. There is a level of threat from terrorism in Africa as there is in many international destinations around the World in both the West and the Third World.

We can report day to day all continues to operate smoothly, calmly and peacefully on all routes for Absolutes big yellow trucks. In line with the Foreign Office Travel Advice and reports from the ground we will continue to exercise caution as to where we travel and visit, and as well stay in close touch with our contacts in Kampala, monitoring particularly closely through the section of the trips travelling through Kampala.

On overland trips remember we are in the main travelling to remote out of the way wilderness reserves, and small local destinations not frequented by high concentrations of Western tourists at any time.

The campsites where you stay throughout the safari have security appropriate to the situation, with our day to day aim always being that you enjoy a safe and secure journey and experience all the great things Africa has to offer on your itinerary.

Running for Malawi

Following her overland trip with us Sinead has decided to run the Brighton Marathon to raise funds for Friends of Mulanje Orphans a community based orphan care program supporting over 5000 children through a network of 13 centres in Mulanje district of Malawi. Absolute Africa want to congratulate her on her success on the 18th April and thank her for supporting this local project.

We are always keen to support those working towards a good cause so do let us know what else you have been getting up to!

Samburu Floods

You may have heard about the floods in Northern Kenya that have affected Samburu National park.

These floods have had devastating effects on the local community and sadly a lot of wildlife has been affected. As well the research facilities for the charity Save the Elephants. The facility had recently conducted a study into how a simple fence made from wire, wood and bee hives can deter elephants from raiding farmers crops after they discovered that elephants are in fact afraid of African honey bees.

The camp was also the base for the BBCs documentary The secret Lives of Elephants.

Hardly any wildlife has been spotted since the floods, with many dikdiks and young animals drowning, whilst larger animals have disappeared up into the hills.

None of current routes take us up to the affected region whilst trips in the past have visited here and remember this area for its fantastic game viewing and welcoming people.

You can donate money to help Save the Elephants by following this link:


Ewaso Lions, a local charity are collecting money to help people affected by the floods, they also have a very interesting website with updates and photos regarding the flooding's.

If you wish to donate, please follow the link


Returning to the South Luangwa

The South Luangwa has dried out after their annual summer rains, making it possible for us to return to this amazing Zambian National Park.

Situated at the tail end of the Great Rift Valley, the parks survival is depends on the winding Luangwa River, which is crowded with hippos, crocodiles and wading waterfowl. With over 401 bird species the air is constantly alive with their calls . . . . a birders paradise. Some of the more spectacular birds to be seen are crested cranes, saddle bill storks, wood ibis and vultures.

It is however the large game for which South Luangwa is perhaps more famous, these include huge herds of elephant, Thornicroft's giraffe, buffalo and lion. The Luangwa campsite is one of our favourites, reknown for being visited by elephants and other wildlife and home to the most wonderful potjie meals! Whilst in the park we also have the opportunity to go on a night drive during which Leopard are frequently seen. To learn more about the elusive leopard visit our blog at africaoverlandwithabsoluteafrica.blog.com or call us to learn more about the safaris that visit this incredible area

Kenyan Visa (25/10/10)

The temporary reduction in visa fees for entry to Kenya will come to an end from January 1, 2011. The visa will revert back to 50 USD from this date.

Airports Update for those escaping from the snow (3/12/10)

UK airports have re-opened today after clearing snow, they are however warning that it could be a few days before flights are back to normal due to both aircraft and crew being displaced by the bad weather.

Gatwick Airport reopened this morning but urged passengers to check their flights were operating before travelling to the airport. The Gatwick Express train from central London remains suspended and there is some disruption on other rail services and roads to the airport.

Heathrow remained open throughout the bad weather, but it is warning passengers of possible ongoing cancellations and delays caused by disruption at other UK and European airports.

Clients travelling on trips departing in the next few days are advised to check with their airlines for the latest information before travelling to airports.

In the event that you are delayed a friendly reminder to use the numbers on your booking voucher to alert us. We can then adjust your taxi and accommodation as needed to ensure all runs as smoothly as possible for you as you head into the African sunshine !!!!

Launching our new website (09/11/10)

Welcome to our new website. We had great fun gathering photo's that captured the peoples, places and animals along our routes & hope that you have plenty of time to have a good browse around. We are running some fantastic offers so don't forget to check our specials pages and we'd welcome your feedback via email or facebook.

Have fun planning your next adventure!

Weather disrupts travel again - Airports Update (18/12/10)

Some UK airports are once again being forced to close by the severe weather conditions.

Heathrow is open however there are a number of cancellations and delays. British Airways have cancelled all flights between 10:00 and 17:00 today (Saturday 18th December 2010).

Gatwick Airport is apparently anticipating significant snow fall from 10:00 today and flights out of there are also being affected.

Clients travelling on trips departing in the next few days are advised to check your flight status with your airline before travelling to the airport and allow extra time for your journey as the roads and rail network may also be affected.

In the event that you are delayed a friendly reminder to use the numbers on your booking voucher to alert us. We can then adjust your taxi and accommodation as needed to ensure all runs as smoothly as possible for you when you arrive into the warmth of the African sun!!!!

Rwandan visa requirement for Canadians (15/12/10)

Rwanda has recently introduced a US$60 visa for Canadians wishing to visit Rwanda.

Football World Cup comes to South Africa!

As many of you might be aware, the FIFA World Cup is coming to South Africa, and matches will take place in a variety of locations around the country over June and July 2010!

Safaris are still running into both Johannesburg and Cape Town as usual but we would strongly encourage anyone finishing, or interested in a trip that will finish in South Africa over June and July to look into their flights at the earliest!

Fresh tracks made in Zimbabwe

For many years Zimbabwe has been an integral part of our Safaris visiting Southern Africa. Sadly the unrest in 2008 resulted in us making the decision to reroute away from this beautiful nation. With the help of our network of on the ground contacts we have been monitoring security and the facilities and now, nearly 2 years later, we are happy to say that some of our safaris are Zimbabwe bound once again!!

We retained the options of 2 nights relaxing on a houseboat on Lake Kariba by utilizing a vessel on the Zambian side of the lake. Now at times we have the opportunity to return to the larger Zimbabwean section of the Lake with the added attraction of the Matusadona National Park, which forms a mountainous southern boundary to the eastern basin of the lake and provides refuge to a vast array of wildlife.

The town of Victoria Falls offers unsurpassed views of the magnificent Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Smoke that Thunders) from its spray drenched rainforests and has retained its up-beat and happening vibe. Add cheaper activity prices, great facilities and a friendly atmosphere and it is not surprising that visitors are being drawn back across the mighty Zambezi from neighbouring Zambia.

From here is a relatively short trip to Hwange National Park, the largest park in Zimbabwe, and one of the biggest in Africa. For more details about what Hwange has to offer see the next story . . . .

Hwange Highlights

The area covered by Hwange National Park was originally the hunting domain of Mzilikazi, the founder king of the AmaNdebele nation. The park was founded in 1928, and through the sinking of numerous boreholes to supply year-round water at pans throughout the park, many species of animals that were seasonal visitors have now taken up permanent residence. Today, Hwange hosts over 100 species of mammal and 400 species of birds. In 1930 it was estimated there were 1000 head of resident elephant. . that number has increased to over 40000 today!!! Although under threat from poachers, Hwange also has stable populations of both White and Black Rhino.

Hwange has vast expanses of Kalahari sand supporting huge swathes of teak forests, savannah woodland and grassy plains, making it a veritable bush paradise. Even the less enthusiastic tree huggers gets involved as we learning about some of the amazing uses the vegetation provides to both human and animal inhabitants of this area. It is in this awesome setting that African Wanderer take us out on Game Drives (in open Land Rovers) and show us a plethora of wildlife such as majestic Sable Antelope, Kudu, stately Giraffe, the diminutive Steenbuck and the gigantic Elephant. After our drives, a lovely big Campfire is provided where we sit under star filled skies chatting with our Professional guide to find out more about this lovely park and Zimbabwe in general. This fireside gathering is an ancient African equivalent of Wikipedia . . . . take the opportunity to brush up on your bush-lore and tales of adventure.

The following morning we can head back into the park or to the Painted Hunting Dog Conservancy, where we can learn all about the fantastic effort being made to keep what is estimated to be the largest population of approximately 700 individuals (out of a worldwide population of only 3000), viable. This amazing site, supported by companies like Disney and British Airways, offers a guaranteed chance to view and photograph these fascinating dogs in their natural habitat.

Experience the grandeur and enjoy a closer look at nature the Zimbabwean way.
Hamba Gathle / Famba Zwaganaga / Go Well

Where do you want to be this Christmas?

Xmas on a houseboats at Lake Kariba are:-

14/11/10 Absolute Safari, Big 6
22/11/10 Wildlife Journey, Rivers of Africa
30/11/10 African Drums, Tusker Trails
05/12/10 Southern Safari, Southern Cross, African Adventure
24/12/10 Southern Explorer

Xmas with the Mountain Gorillas are:-

07/12/10 Absolute Safari, Big 6, Wildlife & Spice Island, Simba Sounds, Gorilla Trek

15/12/10 Wildlife Journey, Rivers of Africa, A Taste of Africa

19/12/10 Gorillas & Game Parks, A week in Gorilla Lands

23/12/10 African Drums, Tusker Trails, Rainforest & Reefs, Wildlife Encouter, Gorilla Stop

Xmas in the Masai Mara are:-

20/12/10 Classic Safari, Classic Component, Kenya and Tanzania, Kenya and Tanzania Component. A Week in Kenya

24/12/10 Masai Mara Bolt On

Xmas on leaving Tanzanian Parks are:-

01/12/10 Wildlife & Spice Island, Simba Sounds

09/12/10 A Taste of Africa

14/12/10 Kenya and Tanzania, Kenya & Tanzania Component

17/12/10 Rainforests and Reefs

22/12/10 Maasai & Migration, Serengeti & Ngornogoro Bolt On

Community work in Africa

Want to spend some time on the ground getting involved in some community work before or after your safari? We also work closely with Madventurer. MAD have a Vision.

By 2012 they aim to have achieved several development goals including providing 100,000 extra hours of teaching and coaching sessions for children worldwide, to build 500 individual toilets in Ghana, to build 200 classroom blocks in Africa, to lay 50 miles of water pipeline and to construct 1250 sinks in family homes in Peru and to build 10 health centres.

Get involved by 'building some bogs' or by helping out on one of the many other projects for which they provide financial and physical assistance in communities in Africa, Asia and South America.

Madventurers join for 2, 4 or 6 weeks. The choice is yours. Just let us know what might suit.

Southern Cross to Johannesburg

ITS BACK!! Due to popular demand we are resuming finishing this safari again in Johannesburg for all departures from 30th October. The price into Johannesburg from 30th October will be £680 for the full 31 days from Nairobi to Johannesburg. This will also allow us to run a bolt on for all safaris that finish at Livingstone or Victoria Falls to Johannesburg. The 3 day bolt on is priced at £200. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

Our new Brochure is available

The new Absolute brochure is now available. In addition to all the old favourites, it is packed full of new itineraries for you to peruse!

Just send an email to here to request a copy.

Mountain Gorillas

The media has recently been reporting heavy fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the tragic plight of thousands of displaced refugees.

Due to ongoing security concerns in the region Absolute Africa have not trekked in the Congo for a number of years. We instead organise gorilla permit trekking in the Rwandan Parc Nacional de Volcans. This area remains secure and the British Foreign Office Travel Advisory continues to support trekking in the area as part of an organised tour, whilst encouraging caution.

Whilst, as with many travel destinations around the globe, security can never be completely guaranteed, be assured the Govenments of Rwanda and Uganda continue to make an ongoing concerted effort to ensure the safety of tourists in the Gorilla Parks. When trekking do note you will head out with armed guards and security will be often quite evident. In the event that we perceive an increased security risk, or the Foreign Office Travel Advisory for the region is altered, we would immediately reroute your safari.

A reminder as well that we pre-book gorilla permits for our groups well in advance. Remember that the mountain gorillas are an endangered species with limited numbers (approximately 720 at the last census), so in order to ensure permits for your safari these need to be booked well ahead of time, so do get in as early as you can if you want to trek to see the 'Big Gs'.

Kenyan visas

Great news from Kenya Visas have now dropped to 25 USD. Please dont arrange your visa ahead of time. The Kenyan visa is easily arranged at Jomo Kenyatta airport when you land, payable in USD cash on arrival.

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