Visa Update (20/7/15)

We have received recent information about changes in visa costs and application methods for some of the countries we travel through on our trips:

Uganda have now increased the visa cost to 100 USD. As this is the same price as the East African visa, we encourage you to purchase the EA visa as this will also give entry to Kenya and Rwanda, as well as Uganda. The East African visa can be purchased from any three of the participating countries.

As of the 1st September 2015, Kenya will require all visas to be applied for online and they will not be available to purchase as you arrive at the border. We currently have this information for the Kenyan visa and are awaiting confirmation that the East African visa will also be available to purchase online. For those trips departing in September, details will be sent out to you with details on what you will need to do with regard to your visa for Kenya.

Recent information is that the visa for Malawi will be increasing to 75 USD. We are waiting final confirmation on when exactly this will be put into place.

Adventure Travel Show

Join us at the adventure travel show at London's Olympia on the 17 and 18th January! talk about your trip and check out exclusive travel show deals!

TNT Travel Show (27/2/15)

Join us at the TNT Travel show in the Business Design Centre, London, Saturday 1st March. Come and visit us on stand number 36 and discuss your trip plans with us and pick up some great travel show deals!

West African Ebola Update 01/09/14

There continues to be regular media updates in regards to the ebola outbreak in West Africa, and we want to assure our clients that our trips have been in no way affected.

The countries impacted are in West and Central Africa, a considerable distance from where the tours operate. The majority of reported incidences are over 5,000 km away from Kenya, and travel options apart from flying are very limited to move from West Africa through to East Africa.

Ebola is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. It isn't an airborne disease making contamination possible only through direct physical contact. Whilst there may be a very few isolated incidents outside the affected areas, the incidences are regularly people who have had direct contact with an ebola sufferer. Tragically doctors, nurses and medical carers, and family members are typically those who have contracted the disease.

There are NO current reported incidences in the East or Southern African countries where we are traveling and these countries are taking extensive measures to prevent the disease, as are Western countries. The medical facilities in East and Southern African countries do have control procedures in place to cope with any concerns, and airlines are also taking preventative measures including bans on travelers arriving in from affected countries, as well as health checks at major airports

Our travellers' health and safety are always top priority and we will remain very attentive to this issue. Please feel free to call or email if you have any other queries about this or any other aspect of your tour.

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (08/08/14)

Following the recent serious and upsetting outbreaks of ebola in parts of West Africa, travellers should be aware that none of our destinations have been affected.

The outbreaks are in the countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia where the World Health Organisation and other international organisations including Medecins Sans Frontiers are now operating to curb the spread of the disease.

Ebola is a rare virus that is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. As this the case whilst there may be a very few isolated incidents outside the affected areas, spread through travel, this is likely to be isolated to people who have had direct contact with an ebola sufferer including doctors and family members.

The countries impacted are in West Africa, thousands of kilometres away from where tours operate in East and Southern Africa.

All countries that we operate in, including East African countries such as Kenya and Uganda are taking extensive measures to prevent the disease, as are Western countries. The medical facilities in East and Southern African countries have control procedures in place to cope with any concerns, and airlines are also taking preventative measures.

Our travellers health and safety are always top priority and do feel feel free to call or email us if you have any concerns in regards to this issue.

Security Update, Kenya (10/07/14)

While there continues to be some incidents in Kenya, we would like to reassure travellers to East Africa that the safari and overland circuit remains unaffected. The incidents that have been in the news recently are extremely targeted away from any of the areas visited on our trips, and tourists have not been involved in these recent incidents.
Kenya is a large country, the size of France, and the FCO travel warnings relate to very specific and mainly quite isolated areas to the north and on the Coast. These incidents are part of an on-going issue dating back to 2012, and while concerning for all involved, the trips are not affected by these events. Security and safety is our upmost concern, and we will continue to monitor the situation on the ground very closely.

Security update, Kenya (16/5/14)

Following ongoing concerns in specific areas of Kenya, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has adjusted their non essential travel warning to include sections of the Kenyan Coast near Mombasa.

To put this in perspective there have been some ongoing sporadic whilst upsetting attacks on buses targeting small local bus routes particularly, as well as markets, and particularly along one stretch of road on the Kenyan coast. These incidences date back to 2012 and are linked to the Al-Shabab terrorist group who were behind the Westgate Incident.

Security in all tourism establishments within Nairobi and Mombasa remains high.

To confirm on the tours we do not travel to areas mentioned as extreme high risk. The suburb of Eastleigh where there have been particular issues is the opposite side of town from where we stay and visit in Nairobi.

Day to day all continues to operate smoothly, calmly and peacefully on all routes for the tours. All truck trips from Nairobi through the Great Rift Valley area are not affected.

Diani Beach is not affected by the change in travel advice to the Kenyan coast. Please note Ukunda Airport is now the airport to use to visit the Kenyan coast as it isn't possible to access from Mombasa Airport with the current advisory.

In line with the Foreign Office Travel Advice and reports from the ground we will continue to exercise caution as to where we travel and visit, and as well stay in close touch with our contacts in Kenya, monitoring particularly closely the section of the trips travelling through Kenya.

New Brochure 2014 - 2015 (21/01/14)

Our 2014 - 2015 brochure is due out very soon showing all the tours we currently do. Many of the tours are going up in price so get in fast ahead of these if you can.

Problems with Hotmail accounts (4/2/14)

It has come to light that in the last few months we have been struggling on and off to get correspondence through to some Hotmail addresses.

If you email on a hotmail address to ensure you receive your email we are currently in the main sending out emails from a temporary hotmail account unless we have had very regular contact. We apologise for any inconvenience, duplications emails, and any delay in our response times caused by this current situation.

Keeping good communications with our valued customers is so important to us and we appreciate your patience if you have been affected by this. Hotmail are assuring us the problem should be resolved very soon, if not already.

If you do feel you are waiting for an email from us though do please contact us and let us know. The emails sent that never got through were never bounced back to us, so we have no way of knowing what was and wasn't received.

Thanks for your help and cooperation with this


London Adventure Travel Show (2/1/14)

Absolute Africa is exhibiting at the Olympia London Adventure Travel show on the 25-26 January 2014. We look forward to meeting everyone to discuss their Africa travel plans from advice on climbing Kilimanjaro, and beach breaks on Zanzibar to overland tours and safari Karibuni!

TNT Show

Christmas opening hours (24/12/13)

We are open the following hours over xmas

Christmas Eve:9-2pm
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Boxing Day: 9-1pm
27th December: 9-5pm
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31st December: 9 -2pm
1st January: Closed
2nd January: 9-6pm

During the festive season in case of emergency please contact

00 255 688740796 or 00 44 7973 319660

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Absolute Africa

London Travel Show (28/9/13)

Once again we're back at London's biggest free travel show. On the 28th September, at The Business Design Centre, Islington, london. Come and join us there where we will be exhibiting our Safari's, to get great discounts, heaps of information and travel advice for over-landing in Africa.
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Westgate Mall Incident, Nairobi (22/9/13)

We stand with all our Kenyan staff and friends and our thoughts go out to all those affected by yesterday's tragic event at the Westgate Mall. We commend the resolution and bravery being shown at this difficult time.

All tours in East Africa are travelling safely and happily.

London Adventure Travel Show (15/1/13)

Absolute Africa will be exhibiting at the Adventure Travel Show and our clients are entitled to tickets for £4 in advance (saving £6 off the door price) - tickets can be purchased at or on 0871 230 7159 and the discount will be applied when quoting ABSOLUTEAFRICA.We look forward to seeing you and help in planning your African Adventure.

Kenyan Election (04/03/13)

The Kenyan people go to the polls on 4th March. This is the first election under the new constitution.

In consideration of how events played out in the 2007 election and the ongoing political concerns since, we are watching the situation on the ground very closely with the assistance of our crew and local operators in Kenya.

There has been no concerns reported over the last few weeks on the tourist route. That being said the safety and security of our groups is our priority and in consequence we are making some slight pre-cautionary adjustments to current tours in Kenya.

If you have any queries in regards to the election do feel free to get in touch with the London office.

TNT Travel Show 2013 (09/03/13)

We are attending the TNT Travel show on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March at the Business Design Centre, Islington.

Join us at stand #30 to discuss an adventure of a lifetime at unbeatable prices.

The Chiswick office will be closed that weekend.

Yellow Fever Card for Kenya (16/7/13)

Flight passengers travelling to Nairobi require a yellow fever card, if you do not have one you risk being denied boarding at the airport.

Please note this only applies from infected countries within Africa and more importantly if at any point you touch South Africa in your routing from an infected country. So for example you would not need a certificate London to Nairobi or London to Lusaka, but would need one flying from Nairobi to Johannesburg (unless in transit) and then on to London at a later date.

Zanzibar Airport exit tax amendment (11/7/13)

From July 5th 2013 Zanzibar airport have raised their airport exit tax to $48.00. This is affective immediately.

This will need to be paid in USD so you will need to make sure you have $48 available.

Zimbabwe elections (01/08/13)

So far proceedings around the elections in Zimbabwe appear to be progressing calmly. We have had 3 of our trucks passing through Zim around the end of July incident free. In the highly unlikely event that there was any political instabilities we can reroute our trips to avoid central areas of Zimbabwe if needs be. At the same time we have no reason to believe there will be issues at this stage. Game parks such as South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia can be visited as alternatives, and the Victoria Falls visited from Livingstone, Zambia. We wish the people of Zimbabwe the very best at this time.

Fire at JKIA Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi (7/8/13)

Due to the situation on the ground at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport all clients about to fly to Nairobi please contact your airline as a priority as to the current status of your flight departure

Nairobi JKIA Fire update

Atta Memo: Kenya, Nairobi Airport Fire Update 3

Great news as partial operations at JKIA will commence this evening as follows:

1. Cargo flights scheduled to depart today from JKIA will depart this evening.
2. Departure and arrival of domestic flights will commence this evening.
3. The airport emergency operations team is working round the clock to prepare Units 2 & 3 for arrival and departure of international flights as soon as possible.

From the Statement by Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Eng. Michael Kamau

Live updates on Atta's social media pages Twitter and Facebook.

KQ Update on flights Nairobi airport following fire

The flight schedule for above is as below:-

KQ 614 NBO-MSA 1900HRS 2000HRS
KQ 615 MSA-NBO 2115HRS 2215HRS
KQ 616 NBO-MSA 2330HRS 0030HRS
KQ617 MSA-NBO 2130HRS 2230HRS

We wish to confirm that flight KQ 113 from Paris Charles De Gaulle airport will be diverted to Mombasa with an estimated arrival time of 2345hrs. In addition, flights from London (KQ101), and from Bangkok (KQ887) will arrive in Nairobi tomorrow morning as scheduled, and will be processed through the domestic terminal.

All other flight schedules will be advised in due course.

The next update will be at 1800hrs.

For more information please call our contact center on +254711024747/+254734104747/+254 20 3274747

Dr Titus Naikuni
Group Managing Director and CEO
Kenya Airways
August 7, 2013

SAA Update on JKIA Nairobi flights

If you were to travel today on SAA flight, flight number SA 185, you should NOT to proceed to the airport as it is out of bound. SAA will advise in the course of the day on the available flight which we will put you on once we are briefed by Kenya Airports Authority when the JKIA operations will resume. #jkiafire

Nairobi Flight Info update (8/8/13)

Atta Daily News for 08 August 2013

Kenya Airways Re-book Policy
The following voluntary re-book options may be offered to customers ticketed to/from/via NBO from Wednesday 7th Aug until 9th Aug 2013. Change of Travel Dates Customers may re-schedule their travel, using the following guidelines: · Applicable to all travel from today 7th Aug 13 until Fri 09th Aug 13  the original duration of stay may be preserved. · All penalties/change fees may be waived, even if required by the ticketed fare basis. ·

SAA cancel or reschedule conditions
SAA advise passengers wishing to cancel or reschedule their flights to take note of the following conditions. All customers with SAA tickets who are affected by the Nairobi flight cancellations will be offered the following assistance either via Call Centres, City Ticket Offices, and Airport Ticket Offices or through their Travel Agent:  rebooking on the next available flight (same cabin / same booking class) subject to space;  all date and flight change fees will be waved.

Nairobi Flight Info update (8/8/13)

8th Update: Kenya Airways Releases Schedule of local flights for Thursday 8th August 2013
August 7, 2013 at 9:50pm

8th Update: Kenya Airways Releases Schedule of local flights for Thursday 8th August 2013

Kenya Airways would like to announce to its customers and general public of our schedule of flights for tomorrow, Thursday, August 8, 2013 to and from Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Eldoret international airports.

The local flights will operate from the Cargo terminal following the shortage of airport facilities after todays fire destroyed most of the facilities in the main terminal building. All efforts have been made to ensure a seamless processing of all departing passengers. Only passengers with confirmed tickets will be accommodated in tomorrows flights as we do not have a ticketing service for tomorrows flights.

The limited operating schedule for domestic flights between Mombasa and Nairobi is as follows:

Nairobi-Mombasa Departure Time Mombasa-Nairobi Departure Time
(local time) (local time)

KQ602 0830 hours KQ621 0600 hours

KQ604 0930 hours KQ625 0900 hours

KQ606 1200 hours KQ603 1010 hours

KQ608 1530 hours KQ605 1110 hours

KQ610 1630 hours KQ1623 1200 hours

KQ612 1730 hours KQ607 1340 hours

KQ614 1900 hours KQ609 1710 hours

KQ611 1805 hours

KQ613 1910 hours

KQ615 2040 hours

Other Domestic Flights:

Flight No. Destination Departure Time (Kenyan)

KQ671 Kisumu-Nairobi 0800 hours

KQ650 Nairobi-Kisumu 0900 hours

KQ651 Kisumu-Nairobi 1035 hours

KQ652 Nairobi-Kisumu 1430 hours

KQ655 Kisumu-Nairobi 1605 hours

KQ660 Nairobi-Eldoret 1300 hours

KQ661 Eldoret-Nairobi 1435 hours

KQ760 (Delayed) to Johannesburg:

This flight will depart Nairobi at 0830 hours Kenyan time carrying passengers with confirmed tickets to Johannesburg for 7th and 8th August, 2013.

Flight No. Destination Departure Time (Kenyan)

KQ762 Johannesburg 0830 hours

Other Departing International Flights:

Flight No. Destination Departure Time (Kenyan)

PW 750 (Precision Air) Mwanza 1100 hours

PW710 (Precision Air) Dar-Es-Salaam via Zanzibar 1115hours

KQ412 Entebbe 1630 hours

KQ482 Dar-Es-Salaam 1700 hours

KQ202 Bombay 1805 hours

KQ310 Dubai 1920 hours

KQ112 Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 2245 hours

KQ102 London Heathrow 0045 hours

The morning flight from Entebbe to Nairobi, KQ419, will depart Entebbe International Airport at 0800 hours.
All other flights remain suspended until further notice.

Further updates will be advised in due course.

For more information please call our Contact Centre on +254711024747/+254734104747/+254 20 3274747

Dr Titus Naikuni

Group Managing Director and CEO
Kenya Airways
August 7, 2013